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Tell me your implantation bleeding stories!

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Somethininthewater Thu 26-Oct-17 13:37:17

I’m currently in the throes of trying to decipher some hmm irregular bleeding. Started yesterday at 10dpo and still lingering today. Varying from dark red, rusty brown, pink and peach(quite the fucking rainbow eh!). It’s very light and, if I was a dirty mare, could get away with not changing a pad since it started yesterday!
Keen to hear other tales of bleeding at this stage... bfn up to now

Somethininthewater Thu 26-Oct-17 16:12:30

Shameless bump 😳

Mummabearof3 Thu 26-Oct-17 22:02:46

I just got my bfp and believe I had implantation bleeding with this pregnancy but my other 3.
It was noticed when I wiped on the toilet. Slightly brown then light pinky similar to mucus plug colour when you are about to go into labour. Or if you've been a bit rough in bed 🤣 but last 4 days from start of any blood to end of any blood. Nothing red though. And barely enough for a liner.

Somethininthewater Thu 26-Oct-17 22:11:22

Congratulations!! How many dpo did you have the bleeding? And how many dpo did you get your bfp? Sorry to be nosey!

Mummabearof3 Thu 26-Oct-17 22:21:13

Thanks. I think about 4 days after ovulation. I only tested once af was late and got a decent positive line on day 7 faint line on day 6 and faint to nothing on day 5 with a different test but could have been my eyes imagining it.
I think everyone is different 're bleeding. Some don't get it at all. Some straight after dpo some right up to before af is due.
I figured I was pregnant with mine as I knew the bleeding to way too soon to be a slightly early period and the fact that it didn't amount to anything close to a period.

superduperdo Thu 26-Oct-17 22:28:13

I had an implantation bleed with DS2. It lasted about 4-5 days, and was lighter than an ordinary period but still enough for me to need to use tampons. I got a BFP testing the day after it finished, having been suspicious that it wasn’t a “normal” period. We had been TTC for some time though, so I was watching for anything even slightly unusual - I think if we hadn’t been TTC I might have thought it was a normal period! Good luck!

Somethininthewater Fri 27-Oct-17 07:05:36

Thanks ladies. This is reassuring x

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