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ovulation confusion and illness

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downinthedeep28 Wed 25-Oct-17 23:03:05

this month was meant to be our first month of ttc
i started using ovulation tests the day after my period as i have a long cycle and never 100%sure when i ovulate, i do get cramps half way through so i do have a rough idea.

anyway iv never got a positive on one of the tests sad even when ithought was the the right time, i used the flo app and we manged to dtd two days before the app said was the right time but couldnt dtd on the correct day or days after due to me becoming ill with a bad cold.

does anyone know if having a cold will effect the ovulation tests?

im due on in around 5 days still taking the tests but still negative (know i wont get a positive now)

im hoping im better for next month, my cold went apart from a slight cough but then two days ago i started having back ache, and today iv been so drained, feeling sick headache and horrible twinges/cramps in my belly sad

Malapropist Thu 26-Oct-17 08:29:34

Yes, ovulation can be delayed or even postponed until next cycle by illness, stress and even travel. You might have still ovulated, just later than expected or you might have had an anovulatory cycle. Have a read of Taking Charge of Your Fertility by toni Wechler.

Good luck!

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