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TTC after contraceptive injection.

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xxdaffodilsxx Wed 25-Oct-17 22:48:14

Hello all,
I’m very new to all this and am joining as I’m beginning to grow more and more concerned about getting pregnant.
I was on the contraceptive injection 2 years and 9 months before my partner and I decided we would try for a baby.
I understood that it may take a while for my periods to return and overall fertility to come back to ‘normal’...
My last injection was due 14th October 2016, my first period then came 15th April 2017.
I then proceed to have very irregular periods where sometime I would have a maximum of 4 days of no bleeding before starting another period.
Eventually from June I started to regulate where my cycle will last 30-34 days.
I have recently purchased the Clear Blue Advanced Fertility Monitor where I have been getting consecutive days of high ovulation tests with no peaks!

I’d appreciate anyone in a similar situation to offer some guidance or anyone just to talk as I’m really beginning to feel extremely pressured and fed up!

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