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STILL TTC your first baby

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nomoremagnolia Fri 13-Apr-07 10:05:25

Thought someone better start a new thread as we're getting close to the 1000 mark!
Ready - what's your question?

rachelvs Fri 13-Apr-07 10:42:48

I don't have a question but wanted to respond to pinkelephant re the height issue. I am pretty average height at 5'6" & 8 half/9stone. My husband is 6'5" and 18stone. Our daughter was born 4 weeks prem and weighed 7lb 13oz! She is long, now 19wk and 65cm but slender at about 12 half/13 lb (due to be weighed today). Her projected height is 5'10". We have friends who are 6'9" and 6'2". They have 2 daughters. Their eldest is 8 and she is 5'2". But docs have said girls tend to grow quite quickly up to puberty and then when hormones kick in this can slow down whereas boys don't appear to grow so fast in the early years but when reach puberty they race ahead (happened to my hubby).

MrsMcJnr Fri 13-Apr-07 11:18:22

Morning ladies

Ready – I’m intrigued! What’s the question?

Hello Nomoremagnolia how are you?

PinkElephant – hope the appointment goes well today

Welcome back Hespera – well done with that weight loss!

Hello Woodmouse what were you doing at work at that time?

Hey there Kensgirl – it’s nice to be know what you look like! Have you seen the pics on my profile? I’m feeling shattered after the night with the rellies but they seemed to have fun and Nigella’s Anglo Italian trifle was a great hit!

Hello Rachelvs –

I’m 5.6, far too curvy at the mo for my liking, usually a 10/12 on the bottom and 14 at the top (big boobs ) am probably more like a 12/14 at the bottom at the mo though. I’ve got blue eyes, a round face (hate it!) and long brown/blonde, thick wavy hair. I wear glasses most of the week and contacts at the weekend. Best feature: my legs (better at the ankle than the thigh! ) Worst feature: stomach, yuck!! – you can see me on my profile though!

nomoremagnolia Fri 13-Apr-07 11:26:41

Love looking at your pics - glad to see the cats come first mrsmc! I will try to put some on my profile soon. Ready - you're pic is lovely, you're really pretty.
Can't say I had a mental image of what you look like, but I feel I 'see' you as personalities rather than 'seeing' your physical appearances (does that sound really odd?)
I'd describe myself as 5'5, 11 stone (eek) of which my boobs account for 1/2 a stone (oh yes, I've weighed them!!) size 14 all over, hopefully you'd say I'm toned for my size, I don't wobble too much! I have long mid-brown hair which is nearly always tied up and wear contacts about 80% of the time, but sometimes wear glasses.

scorpio1 Fri 13-Apr-07 11:29:41

<<butts in>>

Ready and MrsMCjnr you both look so different to what i imagined you too

nomoremagnolia Fri 13-Apr-07 11:38:18

sorry ready - wrong sort of your/you're (was going to write you're gorgeous, but thought you might think I was a weird stalky person!) (oh, but now I've said it anyway and it was my first reaction and it's a compliment and I'm not a weird stalky person, honest!)
<nomore looks round for a shovel to get herself out of this hole!>

Ready Fri 13-Apr-07 11:56:56

A good few of us wear glasses/lenses don’t we!!

Kensgirl - Yay!! I was closest about you – woo! I was going to say brown hair, but changed my mind at the last moment. Honest. I have posted my pics on my profile just for a short while though. I think everyone else should too!

PinkElephant - It is hard to visualise everyone, you are so right. I giggled at your description of your daughter. I know what you mean, I want my offspring to get the best bits from DH and me! Thinking of you today, petal, let us know how you get on!

Woodmouse - Hello! Welcome to the thread – well, I am sure I have built my question up far too much now, and you will all think I am mad – I am, though.
Had to laugh at your Eye of The Tiger comment on your profile – that brings back some hilarious memories that song!

Nomoremagnolia - You are far too eager setting up a new thread for my question It’s going to be a huge let down now How you doing chick?
Aw thanks for saying I am pretty I don’t think it’s a stalkery thing to say at all. I know what you mean about seeing people as their personalities!
How on earth do you weigh your boobs? I am intrigued

Hespera - Well done on the 10lbs – How are doing? Has your cycle sorted itself out?

MrsMc - I have a round face too – a moon head, if you will And I too hate mine! I try my hardest to disguise it with hair around my face at all times!

Gilly - big at you saying you have never met anyone as good at finding the silver lining! I do try! How are you feeling?

City - I do have a very naughty laugh, apparently!! How did you guess? My hair is actually naturally curly/wavy but I straighten it to death

Bellabear - How are you? You worried now that Kensgirl is camped outside your house? Haha!

Scorpio <waves> How did you imagine us then??

Who have I missed?? Sorry – wasn’t intentional, just getting on for another mammoth post and I need to post my question!

kensgirl Fri 13-Apr-07 11:57:55

just trying to get a my pfofile and pica on but cant do it, just testing

scorpio1 Fri 13-Apr-07 11:59:19

this is going to sound mean but you're both prettier than i thought ! !

(are you still my friend?? )

kensgirl Fri 13-Apr-07 12:04:59

Yey! At last, that took me ages, I'm rubbish at IT stuff.

Had a peek at your pics Mrs mc and ready. Mrs mc, you are closer to what I imagined than ready, but you are both stunners !! I love looking at pics, any more?

scorpio1 Fri 13-Apr-07 12:05:33

i don't know how to do it

kensgirl Fri 13-Apr-07 12:10:23

It wasn't too bad in the end scorpio,if you o into my registration and set up profile page, it pretty much talks you through. if I can do it anyone can.

Ready Fri 13-Apr-07 12:12:10

Kensgirl - You look lovely in your pictures, v at how brown you are!! I had to have a St. Tropez on my wedding day, and I was will paler than everyone else


Here's my question - it's not strictly related to ttc your first baby - but tenuously I suppose it is??

Ready's Random Question : Yesterday Natalie Evans lost her battle to be able to use the embryos that had been frozen before her cancer treatment. The European Court ruled against her and now those embryos will be destroyed. What do you all think of this? Do you think the that right decision was reached?

nomoremagnolia Fri 13-Apr-07 12:15:54

DH and I had a really long and interesting talk about that the other night (think it was actually Tues it happened as I was watchng it in the gym!) I feel really sorry for her, but think the right decision was made in the end. Very difficult though, especially when you get into the debate about what the differences would be if she was pg naturally when they split up.

kensgirl Fri 13-Apr-07 12:16:54

I think its just the lighting, as i wasnt that tanned really , but i am naturally fairly brown.

Woodmouse Fri 13-Apr-07 12:17:09

kensgirl - well done on the techie stuff. I'll never be able to upload a photo and can't at work! I am also rubbish at IT things. Will probably not post a photo as I'm not keen to allow people at work who might see the profile that I am TTC. However, you'll all have to take my word for it that I look like a (pint-sized)supermodel, erm...not!

MrsMcJnr - I was in work finishing of a 180 page agreement for clients which was doing my head in and which was naturally "urgent" (only it wasn't). Unfortunately I quite often work that late and worse. Yuck.

Ready - i read an article once that said that cheesy music is the best motivator, so I though Eye Of The Tiger might help me get fit (and run up lots of steps like Rocky!). The "ready question quest" continues....go on, tell us.

I'm off to go and read all your profiles

BellaBear Fri 13-Apr-07 12:20:30

Goodness, you are all gorgeous. No way am I posting my photo now! (plus I know people who use this website, although to be fair, I've given away enough info to indentify myself by now)

Right, good quetion. When I heard the rulingon radio 4, i thought it sounded like legally they made the right decision, but I felt v v v sorry for the women. But someone on a thread somewhere said that if he didn't want babies with her, why did they freeze embryos? If that had been an embryo in a womb, he would have had no power over whether she kept it or not. And possibly it could be equated to a man demanding his ex partner had an abortion after they split up. So now I am very confused.

If I found out I couldn't have children naturally I would definitely try to adopt.

Ready Fri 13-Apr-07 12:37:12

Personally, I think it was the right decision, legally and morally. I do feel sad for the woman, but I don't think that the man should be forced into fathering a child when they are no longer together. When the embryos were taken, they were married and planned to use them at a later date. I don't think it can be compared to if she had fallen pregnant naturally. Assisted conception is very different.
I actually feel sorry for the man in this instance, he is being vilified as taking away her chance to be a mother - but he is just exercising his right (that should have been explained in the beginning) not to consent to the implantation of the embryos, and to not become a parent with his ex.
It's sad that she will not be able to be a biological mother - but in my opinion, it was the right decision.

Woodmouse Fri 13-Apr-07 13:48:09

Agree with Ready - feel sorry for the guy. It's very different having a child with someone after you have split up with them and, presumably, no longer want to be connected with. If she had been granted the legal right to have baby using the embryos he is re-connected to his ex forever, against his wishes. i think it is the right decision, morally and legally, but it doesn't mean I don't feel desperately sorry for her.

Bellabear - they must have created and frozen the embryos when they were together and wanted to be parents together. Guessing, the reason they weren't implanted when they were together was probably because she was still undergoing the treatment for ovarian cancer. They'd be kept frozen until she was well enough and the treatment wouldn't damage them. The couple split up before she could have them implanted and then the guy changed his mind.

kensgirl Fri 13-Apr-07 14:33:39

I also think this was the right decision. I felt desperately sorry for her, as she was obviously heartbroken, but he also has a right to choose whether to be a father, and he gave his reasons. I also felt sorry for him as he must have really questionned his decision, and yet still had the conviction to stand by it. there was never going to be a winner in this case, I think. I would like to think though that if we ever found ourselves in the same position that my dh would let me go on to have the baby, knowing it was my only chance and show me some compassion knowing he had loved me once. Maybe though that is saying that my need is more important than his, so I don't know. Good luck to them both though.

MrsMcJnr Fri 13-Apr-07 15:46:15

Nomore – my furry babies always come first! PMSL can’t believe you weighed your boobs! My hair is almost always tied back too. Look forward to seeing your photos!

That’s a question I have, not TTC related but how do you tie your hair back and make it look smart without looking rushed and scruffy? I’m not saying I use scrunchies but I’d like to make tying my hair back look as if I’m making an effort if that makes sense.

Scorpio – that’s funny isn’t it that you imagined us different! Nice that we look better though!

Ready – good point about the glasses/contacts – what are we all going to do at the birth? I would hate not to be able to see the baby’s face! Yup, Moon Face, that’s me!

Kensgirl – LOVED your wedding photos, you look really lovely and friendly!

Woodmouse – I used to work late when I started out, now I’m strictly 9-5 whenever I can, home life comes first (but don’t tell my boss) A few of my favourite motivating songs are: Aint Nonody – Chaka Khan, Lets Get Excited – Pointer Sisters, Holiday – Madonna and Club Tropicana – Wham – yup, child of the 80s and it shows!

Hello Bellabear

In answer to your question Ready, I think medicine comes so far so quickly and we have to be so thankful for that, I know that doesn’t help the poor lady in question but now, they can freeze the eggs unfertilised so this situation may be avoided if that is what the woman chooses to do. It sounded as if the couple had to make a quick decision whether or not to fertilize them and freeze them. It sounds from what I’ve read like he did not consider fertilising the eggs to be creating children and that he felt he still had a decision to make to become a father at a later date. Heart breaking as it is, I do think the right decision was made. How could it be just that he would become financially and legally responsible for a child that he has not agreed to conceive? My heart aches for her though, it really does.

nomoremagnolia Fri 13-Apr-07 15:58:13

How to weigh your boobs - get on the scales (naked if you want to weigh less) then see your weight, then get dh (or trusted girlfriend) to hold your boobs and see what weight difference there is. It was inspired by the Simpsons, where Homer gets his belly caught on the towel rail!!
How to make hair look smart - I'm lucky to have very straight hair - what I do is tie it back when wet (using a fine comb to get it smooth) then let it dry during 1hr journey to work then at work just brush it again back into ponytail or put it in big claw clip thingy. Always looks passable! Otherwise it's a french plait (I am lucky that I can do them on myself) as I know that will stay put all day and look fairly smart.

nomoremagnolia Fri 13-Apr-07 15:58:53

MrsMc - I will post a pic of my furry babies for you as well as one of me.

kensgirl Fri 13-Apr-07 16:02:54

Mrs mc - I wonder about the birth to, I would have to wear my lenses then, I'm sure glasss would just get on my nerves .
I have a good method of tying hair back for work, Just tie a low ponytail , then take a section of hair from underneath and wrap around the band to cover it. It ends up looking sleek and polished, like I've really made an effort, but takes seconds! Somebody always comments when it is like that and asks how its done.
I liked your wedding photo too - did you get married in a castle? And I'm being nosy now- did you have a piper and bridesmaids? We had a piper to play Amazing Grace as I arrived, and also after the ceremony. I think it was one of my favouite parts of the day[]

gillydaffodil Fri 13-Apr-07 16:29:30

Message withdrawn

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