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Possible pregnancy symptoms?

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BeckaSian Wed 25-Oct-17 12:54:11

Me and my fiancé have been trying for a baby since we lost our baby last year. I am due on next Wednesday but the last couple of days, I've been feeling nauseous, tired no matter how much sleep I get and my back and legs have been really achy. Today, slight cramping started but disappears fairly quickly but as I said, I'm not due on until next week which means this isn't normal for me and was wondering what people thought it may be?

KTD27 Wed 25-Oct-17 12:56:05

Could be pg symptoms! But then could be AF symptoms. The only way to know is to do a test. Essentially if you’re pregnant enough for symptoms you’re pregnant enough to check on a FRER. I hope for good news for you. I lost a baby this year and we are embarking on Ttc also. It’s a really tough road.
Good luck x

BeckaSian Wed 25-Oct-17 14:00:01

I know it is! Hope for the best for you too! I'm going to wait until my missed period next Thursday to test but I will keep you updated xx

KTD27 Wed 25-Oct-17 14:26:08

Oh good luck!! I won’t test until late this month. Our timing wasn’t great so hoped not high. But am on it from November!

KTD27 Thu 02-Nov-17 06:37:24

Any news?? I tested this morning and have total line eye. I’m sure I see something. But it’s so faint.

user1499786242 Thu 02-Nov-17 06:40:37

My stomach right at the bottom started to get firm, that's how I knew!
Also felt achy abit like period pains but just slightly different!
Good luck

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