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What tests should I ask for?

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baibin Wed 25-Oct-17 10:38:11

I'm 34, ttc just under a year, had a missed miscarriage and ERPC at 8 wks in May- I had been bleeding and had a scan but at that appointment they found a heartbeat and bleeding stopped so the miscarriage was discovered at a follow up scan a week later.

I was diagnosed with PCOS years ago, but fairly borderline, however at my first early pregnancy scan, they commented they could see by the follicles I had PCO, which I guess means I've been having anovulatory cycles which I didn't pick up through temping. My cycles are 28-33 days. I was also told at the first scan I had a corpus luteal cyst which would break down in time, at the second they referred to it as an ovarian cyst. Nobody suggested I go back and get it checked out. Finally, my temperatures seem to be a bit on the low side - I'm wondering after googling about whether that could be the result of a slightly underactive thyroid.

I'm in Ireland so there's no NHS protocol, I guess I just go to the GP and see what tests they'll do and what I have to pay for privately, but I don't really know what to ask for. Should I be having the PCOS monitored? If I'm only ovulating every fourth cycle, but I'm still ovulating, will they know that? Should I have a scan for the cyst? Test other levels? Get DH tested? I know I should wait a year, and the miscarriage resets that clock and on some level we're lucky to have got pregnant. But I'm worried something may be wrong and we're running out of time, and I'd rather act sooner than later. I'll be 35 in six months, DH is 37 and we want more than one child. I just don't know what next steps are.

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