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Lightening crotch!

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bluebellhills Tue 24-Oct-17 17:50:38

I keep getting sharp pains down there but I’m only 2dpo?!? It’s so weird! Has anyone else had this whilst ttc?

I did have this while pregnant with dc1 but I was at least in the second trimester.
Thanks smile

Poptart4 Tue 24-Oct-17 19:59:55

I'm 9/10 dpo and have this today. Never got it with my other children so don't know what to think. Gonna test on Friday. Fx it's a good sign

Owlpatrol Tue 24-Oct-17 21:08:09

Yes omg I thought I was the only one! I can't find it a symptom anywhere...its not like itchyness but more like irritable ?

Misssmoo Tue 24-Oct-17 21:49:43

I have this and have had it in and off now 11 weeks preg x

Bubblegum89 Tue 24-Oct-17 22:06:03

I have this almost every month and not been pregnant in the almost 1 year I’ve been ttc. Honestly, at 2dpo it wouldn’t be a pregnancy symptom, even if you conceived your egg wouldn’t have implanted yet so aren’t even technically pregnant. Good luck anyway!

bluebellhills Wed 25-Oct-17 09:59:19

@Poptart4 ohh interesting, fingers crossed it’s a good sign!! Good luck for Friday smile

bluebellhills Wed 25-Oct-17 10:13:36

@Owlpatrol yeh kind of. It’s just annoying and quite sharp!

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