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Pregnant?? Complicated symptom set, advice and support please?

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Secretbroody Tue 24-Oct-17 15:23:25

So I want a child, partner has said he isn't ready.
I've had some confusing events/symptoms- could all be the symptoms of pregnancy or could be me looking for patterns out of random events. Posting on here because I'm seeking support.
Here are all of the confusing details:
Been on the combined pill for 7 years, not always perfectly on time taking it.
Last month I missed a pill one night, took it the next morning, 8-12hrs late (12 is when instructions tell you to be careful for a week and use extra contraception). We'd been active before and after though not certain which days.
I'm like clockwork on my gap week, I start my withdrawal bleed Mon evening. last time I was on my gap week, didn't start bleeding til weds, and it was very light, not enough to fill a tampon, normally the tampon is covered. Got a bit more like normal on Thurs Fri, no cramps -which I normally get, even though they're not real periods.
Been crazy hungry recently, had a sobbing fit to the point where I couldn't breathe the other night just from someone dying on a TV show, but couldn't say why i was so affected by it.
Been waking in the mornings with lower back ache, I'd been convinced I'd been rolling onto my front in my sleep and putting myself at an awkward angle.
I have a small bladder anyway but I feel like I need the loo more than normal, sometimes smells a little strange but I couldn't describe the smell.
Been more gassy lately (sorry gross) lots of flatulence, and more recently (last night and today) a lot of burping. Last night I got heart burn to the point where breathing hurt, it felt like my lungs couldn't expand because my stomach was in the way, for seemingly no reason. Usually I don't get heartburn.
I'd read somewhere that vivid dreams can also be an early sign, and I had a very vivid one the other night, I also saw sudden face spots if you weren't previously prone to them can be a sign and I've got two on my face right now, I went my entire adolescence with barely any.
Lots of things that COULD be symptoms but this could also be me symptom chasing?

79andnotout Tue 24-Oct-17 15:54:25

Why don't you test?

Hulaballoo Tue 24-Oct-17 16:09:51

I was going to say the same.. You won't know unless you take a test. When is your period due?

Secretbroody Tue 24-Oct-17 16:15:59

Mainly because I'm in two minds as to whether I'm just being stupid or not, and that if I do a test and it's neg, I'll not only feel stupid and that I've wasted money, but really disappointed and upset too, but I won't have anyone to talk about it with due to the situation with partner. If nothing changes in the next few weeks I will definitely get a test to know for sure, but I was feeling very uncertain and in need of a pep talk when I posted this, because pos or neg test results would both have confusing and stressful repercussions for me. sad

ShowOfHands Tue 24-Oct-17 16:18:31

A two pack of pregnancy tests is £1 in Poundland. You can buy loads online for a couple of quid. Just test.

florafoxtrot Tue 24-Oct-17 16:22:22

It gets to a point where you just need to take a test and find out one way or another because the constant anxiety and symptom spotting caused by the unknown is worse than the actual knowledge.

I'm not trying to downplay your anxiety or your feelings but you need to get the test done first. In my opinion I don't think you will be pregnant after taking one pill late In my honest opinion I'll be raging because I've been trying for 14 months now and if the result is negative you need to have an open and honest conversation with your partner about how you feel about wanting children and that you were very upset that the result was negative.

What do you think his reaction would be if it was positive?

Hulaballoo Tue 24-Oct-17 16:25:16

All pregnancy symptoms can mirror period symptoms.... So there's just no real way to know unless you test. Feeling stupid if it's a negative..? hmm if it'll give you an answer either way so you can move forward, I only see that as a good thing?

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