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TTC - Implantation Bleeding but tests are Negative

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jellybeans2 Tue 24-Oct-17 07:40:55

Hi Everyone,

I am very confused and upon searching on the net, came through this so I thought someone here could give me an insight so I could try and set my mind at peace.

DH and I have been TTC from the past 6 months. My cycles are always 28 days and I can always feel AF coming on atleast a week before due to all the pms I get. Even DH knows with my mood.

This cycle was due on the 20th of October. Around the 19th I wondered why I didnt have any pms symptoms. On the 21st I noticed some really dark blood upon wiping (sorry TMI) then my heart sank and I thought okay I am out this month as AF has showed up. I used a pad instead of a tampon to keep an eye but I would only get spots. Was waiting for the flow but it never happened so I only got away with panty liners. Then on the 22nd I had some really dark brown spotting again only when I wiped and now I have nothing. My breasts are a bit tingly but they come and go. Today is cycle day 34 - all HPTs are negative.

Went to the doctor yesterday but he just said to wait another week or so and didnt even bother doing a test himself.

Could I still be pregnant?

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