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When to come off the Pill for a honeymoon baby?

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WishICouldThinkOfSomethinWitty Mon 23-Oct-17 15:29:15

H2B and I have decided that we are going to TTC as soon as we are married (October next year).
I would love to have a honeymoon baby but I'm a bit unsure as to how to go about it...
Currently on the Pill. How close to the wedding do I come off it?
I obviously don't want to be on my period during the wedding or honeymoon and have heard that they can become irregular once you stop taking the pill.
I also don't want to be in the midst of morning sickness so don't to come off it too soon just in case we do conceive straight away (no matter how unlikely)
Has anyone else managed to navigate their way into honeymoon conception?
I know it's rather unlikely to actually happen but would like advice from people?

Thanks in advance!

Katescurios Mon 23-Oct-17 15:31:42

You could come off the pill then use condoms for a while. It can take several months for cycles to regulate after hormonal birth control.

KarateKitten Mon 23-Oct-17 15:44:25

It doesn't take a few cycles to regulate after coming off the pill, your cycle may just have changed over time but the pill has masked that.

I had a honeymoon baby. I came off a few months in advance so I could see what my cycle had grown into after all those years on the pill. I didn't expect to get pregnant easily but my cycle was instantly regular and I have gotten pregnant 4 times on my first month trying now. I'm very glad I didn't accidentally get pregnant in the few months before the wedding because I get incredibly sick by week 5 of my pregnancies and it would have utterly ruined my wedding and 3 week honeymoon. So I'd be careful not to get pregnant before the wedding just in case you're like me.

I was freaking out because I got my period 4 days before the wedding and wasn't sure it would be fully gone but it was luckily fine. We went immediately on a 3 week honeymoon and had sex every day except the 2 days I thought I'd be ovulating and I was so upset thinking we'd missed our chance. But by the end of the honeymoon I was sick of wine (thought I'd just had enough of drinking daily) and kept falling asleep everywhere. A few days after returning I found out I was pregnant.

Best of luck but I will say I NEVER thought it would work and assumed I'd be off to IVF 2 yrs later like so many of my friends and family so try not to expect it to happen, it's not terribly likely, though sex every day will help😉

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