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If i ovulate late, would I get a later bfp?!

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hethajf Mon 23-Oct-17 13:57:35

I'm pretty sure I ovulated around 21 days through my cycle this month, I'm now 5 days late but still getting negative tests? I've just done a clear blue test because I'd been using cheap Sainsbury's tests and I keep thinking I can see the faintest of lines but I think it's my eyes playing tricks on me!
At the dating scan for my first pregnancy I was given a due date a week later than the midwife had calculated from my last period so I'm guessing that I just ovulate a week later than most anyway??
So does that mean that the pregnancy test would also take a week longer to show a result?
Confused. I'm never late!

DubiousCredentials Mon 23-Oct-17 13:59:18

Yes it would. Your “late” period would be approx 14 days after ovulation but you may get a pos test 9/10 days after ovulation but that depends on the test.

hethajf Mon 23-Oct-17 14:12:01

Thankyou for clearing that up for me! I'll keep my fingers crossed

JoJoSM2 Mon 23-Oct-17 15:23:13

So how long has it been since ovulation?

Clear Blue with Week’s indicator are more sensitive than the non-digital ones. And FRERs seem to show stuff up the soonest.

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