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Evaporate line or pregnant?

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MelRose28 Mon 23-Oct-17 10:20:52

I have used first responds and got this line but it was about an hr after? 10 days post ovalulation. Whats your thoughs. Fingers crossed

NoCryLilSoftSoft Mon 23-Oct-17 10:22:34

What do the instructions say about the time frame during which to accept the result?

retpally Mon 23-Oct-17 10:23:46

You shouldn’t read a test after whatever the packet says, 5-10 minutes normally.

MelRose28 Mon 23-Oct-17 10:35:54

The test result should be read as soon as possible after waiting 3 minutes. A negative result should not be read after 10 minutes.

I guess :-(

Is it worth even taking another test? its the waiting and hoping

NoCryLilSoftSoft Mon 23-Oct-17 10:43:35

I would test again in a few days. I wouldn’t take this one as dependable due to the time frame. It’s not within the ten minutes.

MelRose28 Mon 23-Oct-17 10:47:55

Will do. Thanks girls. I will update in next couple of days with results

SleepFreeZone Mon 23-Oct-17 10:48:52

In my experience that should turn into a BFP. Fingers crossed for you OP 💐

BunloafAndCrumpets Mon 23-Oct-17 10:53:34

I would take that as a positive. I would be a bit wary until a few more dpo tho as it could turn out to be a chemical pregnancy. I hope all goes well for you! Fingers crossed.

MouseLove Mon 23-Oct-17 11:18:26

I’m sorry but I can only see the control line on that test. There’s no second line. 😕

Peanutty86 Mon 23-Oct-17 11:58:47

Mine looks like this at 11dpo. However the line came up within the 3 minutes. I would retest tomorrow.

StepAwayFromGoogle Mon 23-Oct-17 13:48:41

I think that looks positive, OP x

MelRose28 Tue 24-Oct-17 07:29:21

Hi girls.

I took another test today and it came back BFP :-)

Owlpatrol Tue 24-Oct-17 07:32:18

Congratulations! I'm like this even with opk tests Lol! Xx

usernameavailable Tue 24-Oct-17 07:33:48

Congratulations ❤️❤️❤️

Peanutty86 Tue 24-Oct-17 07:37:52

Congratulations @MelRose28!!

kissmewherethesundontshine Tue 24-Oct-17 07:41:45

Congratulations OP!

Stee1 Tue 24-Oct-17 11:32:31

I'm thinking mine may be Evap?

MelRose28 Tue 24-Oct-17 11:47:43

Is it grey or pale pink? I went for the digital clear blue in the end because it doesn't leave it up to me to decide. Waiting that extra day was a killer

Stee1 Tue 24-Oct-17 11:50:59

Its a pale pink was taken yesterday around 3pm with no urine hold I got more coming tomorrow so I'll try again with fmu x

Stee1 Tue 24-Oct-17 11:55:15

I've ordered first repose and a digi too 🙈

MelRose28 Tue 24-Oct-17 12:35:23

Good luck missy. Keep us posted.

MyKingdomForBrie Tue 24-Oct-17 12:38:10

@stee1 that definitely looks like a line to me, was it within the ten mins? Congrats OP! Can def see the line on your first test smile

Stee1 Thu 26-Oct-17 08:34:58

Tested this morning defo Evap x

MelRose28 Fri 27-Oct-17 10:42:03

Girls I took another clear blue and it still says 1-2 weeks, I expected to go to 2-3. Should I be worried? Is the tests are doctors stronger?

DerelictWreck Fri 27-Oct-17 10:51:51

It's only been 3 days since your BFP OP, why would you expect it to have progressed by 1-2 weeks? (asking nicely not rudely in case tone isn't obvious!

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