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Am I imagining it all?

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cricketqueen Mon 23-Oct-17 09:56:56

We have been trying to get pregnant since the beginning of the year. We already have 1 dd so we decided we were going to take it easy as it took us 15 months to get pregnant with her and i got stressed out by it all.
9 months later and I'm stressed again. I have irregular periods and polysistic ovaries so I know it's gonna be tough. A couple of months ago I skipped a period and it was horrible taking tests only to get negatives.
It's now been 58 days since my last period which is a long time for me. I've had pms symptoms for the last 9 days sore boobs, mood swings etc. And yesterday I felt nauseous. But I'm beginning to worry it's all in my head. I'm to scared to go get a test cause I don't want a negative but the wondering is playing on my mind.
I just wanted to rant really so thanks for reading.

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