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AF 3 days late BFN

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boowaitingforbaby Mon 23-Oct-17 06:41:57

Me and DP have been TTC for 6 months now. I am a bugger for symptom spotting and all that lark and always get myself into a bit of a tizz.
But my period is always regular and there to bring me down to reality.
This month, I felt nauseous and boobs hurt during the TWW. I also had an episode of sneezing and it hurting my “uterus” (I guess it was that, or the muscle around it) contracting and causing a sharp pain that lasted for as long as the sneeze.
Now I’m 3 days late and the nausea has subsided and my boobs still hurt (occasionally around the nipples especially) so I did a test Friday BFN and then again today (Monday) BFN.
I know I’ll have to wait a few days and test again but has anyone else had this and just gone on to have a period or gone on to get a BFP?

MouseLove Mon 23-Oct-17 08:31:18

You might go on to have a BFP if you implanted or ovulated later than expected. However you may have a bug which could be delaying your period. Sadly early pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, feeling more tired than usual, and cramping are also very common during the luteal phase, as estrogen drops off, progesterone increases and for some women, PMS kicks in before your period comes.
Good luck.

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