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Clomid side effects?

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Booksandstuff Mon 23-Oct-17 04:02:41

Hi all

I've just started on clomid - my first time. I'm on day 4 of 5 tablets. I'm really bloated and my stomach is sore. It's like I've done a million sits ups! Has anyone else had this? I've tried Googling but getting mixed messages. Some saying to go to the doctor if I'm bloated, but then some saying it's a normal side effect. Am hoping to speak with my doctor later today, but any advice/knowledge would be appreciated! Thanks!

AgentFF Mon 23-Oct-17 11:57:52

Hi I’m on day 2 of first round of clomid so keen to hear about other experiences too! I guess I would ask the doctor - hopefully they can set your mind at rest. Sorry not to be more helpful.

FluffySavage Mon 23-Oct-17 12:01:56

I'm on round 4 and I get a little bloated as well, it should go down after you finish the round (if it doesn't definitely speak to the dr the prescribed it), I've also had migraines and "Clomid rage"! No one warned me about that....

sunshineandsea Mon 23-Oct-17 14:06:09

Hi books I've replied on the other thread we're on but wanted to say here too in case others read it that I had exactly the same as you this month (my first clomid cycle). Day 4 of taking them i had really bad stomach pain and was very bloated, along with headache and nausea. I also freaked myself out by googling but it eased on the 5th day and then after that when I finished taking them the physical side effects stopped. I also had a nasty case of thrush which I'm sure was related to the change in my hormonal balance as that's what's caused it in the past. Not great when you need to DTD loads! Obv if I get a bfp it will all have been worth it but I don't think it's worked as it should sad

Booksandstuff Tue 24-Oct-17 05:39:37

Hi Agent how are you getting on? I'm about to take my last pill. The bloating has gone down today, but I had another night of hot flushes and a migraine for the last two days. Head has got worse today. I did go to see a GP yesterday. She said that because it wasn't tender to the touch it was ok.

Thanks Fluffy. That put my mind at rest. Have avoided the clomid rage, but was a bit weepy last night over crap TV!

Thanks Sunshine. Glad the side effects stopped but sorry about the thrush. Fingers crossed for us all this month.


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