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sophie1705 Mon 23-Oct-17 00:05:42

Hi all

So my partner and I have been TTC for around 6 months now. Still nothing 😔 we aren’t pushing anything and just going to keep trying his view is it will happen when it happens however I’m starting to worry.

How long did it take you all and do you have any advice?

MissConductUS Mon 23-Oct-17 00:33:01

The advice is usually to try the old fashioned way for a year, and then if nothing, seek medical help, but it depends a bit on your age. If you can, have a fertility work up done just so you know what's going on. Your partner should get checked too. About a third of infertility cases are male factor in origin.

I took me almost two years and some medical treatment (Clomid) but I was in my late 30's at the time.

MouseLove Mon 23-Oct-17 08:25:43

14 months and still going. I’m not worried yet. 6 months is quite a short time. Try not to get too stressed about it. Regular sex is the most important thing. Through your entire cycle unless you are tracking when you ovulate. X

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