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Spotting or first day of period 😭

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Littlemissvictoria1990 Sun 22-Oct-17 16:47:51

Last night I got out of bed to use the loo. I am on CD 50 after stopping the pill, there was a wipe of red watery blood and on the second wipe there was a black clot the size of a 20p coin. I had no pains and absolutely no warning, and the bleeding stopped straight away after. Do i count this as my cd1 from now on? Or do i continue on counting. Ive been getting bfns so far and im pretty positive i ovulated because I lost something which looked similar to a mucus plug x however I know those don't happen this early on. I've come off the pill 3 times before in my life and my cycle has never been this long and I also never had spotting. Thanks ladies in advance x

Littlemissvictoria1990 Sun 22-Oct-17 16:49:02

Forgot to add. I checked my cervix and it's very firmly closed. I know that may gross a lot of people out but I am very careful and have been checking my cervix for years.

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