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Missed period, or just getting back to regular cycle?

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itgirl505 Sat 21-Oct-17 18:40:13

Hi all,

Hoping some one may be able to shed some light as I am driving myself crazy.

Came off Yasmin back in august after having been on the pill for 5 years. Had my withdrawal bleed. 13th - 17th aug. Then had my first natural period in September 16th -21st (cycle worked out to 34 days). I use a period calculator and according to the 34 day cycle I had last month I was due my next period 2 days ago (Thursday 19th).

Last Sunday (15th) I was up most of the night with cramps and feeling very nauseous. (worked out my ovulation would have been 10 days earlier) I also had some brown discharge a few days prior. It's now Saturday and I'm 2 days late, so being a worrier i took a CB digital test, it came back not pregnant. (i know you aren't meant to but i opened up the test and shows the lines on the inside. I had 1 dark line and 1 faint line on one strip and then another really really faint line)

Any one had anything similar? Or am I likely just being paranoid, with my cycle just still out of sync.

MouseLove Sat 21-Oct-17 21:47:45

I’d say that your cycles are probably getting back to normal. It can be completely irregular for a little while. If no period in a week. Test again. Good luck. X

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