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Help with ovulation

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Maidmummy Sat 21-Oct-17 17:30:54

I need help!!
For the last 3 years af has been regular every 34 days with OV on cd 21 but for the last few months af has gone haywire with the longest being 46 days. Anyway me and OH are ttc #3 and at the minute im on cd39 and have been using opks since cd14 until cd 31 as i thought i ran out. Yesterday i had pain in my right ovary and cramping along with EWCM and same today apart from i have had loads of really watery cm to the point where it looks like ive peed myself tmi. I found 2 opks and took one but its negative so i dunno what to think.

When i do ovulate its always been a short surge around 12 hours so im wondering if it sounds like i may have had the surge yesterday hence the ewcm and ovary pain.

Please help confused

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