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Trying to conceive

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sofielalala Fri 20-Oct-17 10:42:12

Hi guys. Im new to this but felt like i needed to talk to ladies who would understand.

So ill start from the beginning, i completely came off contraception in february this year, in order to start trying for a baby. I was previously on the patch for years, then had the injection for 9 months and a short period of the pill. I know it can take a while to fall pregnant after the injection, and i hadnt had a period since january 2016. I finally got my first AF in may 17, and ever since ive had one every 6 weeks. But for two weeks before every period ive had alot of pregnancy symptoms, from constant nausea, to tender breasts etc. One month i did a pregnany test and got a very faint line, unfortunately it turned out to be a evaporation line. So ive stopped taking tests and it pretty much broke my heart.
But this month ive come on a week early, and only had brown stringy discharge (sorry tmi) it's lasted a week. Ive also had the nausea etc and I've woken up with the third coldsore in the past month.
Someone please tell me whats going on with my body, the drs havent been very supportive so need to talk to others who may have gone through the same.

Sorry for the essay haha

physicskate Fri 20-Oct-17 13:15:30

Unfortunately early pregnancy symptoms are identical to pms as they’re caused by a rise in progesterone in both cases. So what you’re experiencing every cycle is pms. The brown stuff is old blood and might mean you’ve not ovulated this cycle - which again is totally normal.

It can take up to two years off depo for your cycle to go back to ‘normal’ for you and up to a year after the pill...


sofielalala Tue 16-Jan-18 20:22:08

So update to my last post.
I fell pregnant the end of last year, and at 7 week i had a miscarriage.
Now six weeks later ive fallen pregnant again. I honestly didnt think id fall again so fast, but now im terrified of something happening.
Ive been referred to a counsellor after everything so im hoping that helps.
Anybody else fall again after a miscarriage, any advice would be appreciated xx

sofielalala Tue 16-Jan-18 20:23:28

Meant to add, the symptoms i had in my first pregnancy was because i was pregnant smile

sofielalala Tue 16-Jan-18 20:24:57

My first post*

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