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Symptom spotting and miserable!

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laurajanegal82 Thu 19-Oct-17 18:51:50

I’ve been trying to convince my 2nd child for 12 months and been for fertility tests which came back normal
This cycle I feel different, completely miserable still, but different. Anyone had these symptoms and got a positive? My period is due Sunday
Since ovulation and up until yesterday I’ve had so much watery white cm (sorry!),so much that I had to change underwear, but now all dried up, my head is pounding and keep having moments where I’m so hot I feel claustrophobic. I’ve had 2 pregnancies before, one ending in miscarriage and I can’t remember anything about how I felt
I think I’m getting so stressed that I’m causing my own headaches, and too scared to test as I know it’s still early
I’m also full of cold and have a mouth full of ulcers to add to the misery!
I have awful heartburn which I get every month before period since I had my son, so that makes me feel like i’m out of luck again this month

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