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Very very faint line

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Elliebee1990 Thu 19-Oct-17 18:14:45

Very very faint pink line is it positive or just the test? I took it at about 6pm so quite late

HoneyWheeler Thu 19-Oct-17 18:15:05

Looks positive to me!

user1471495191 Thu 19-Oct-17 18:16:20

Definitely positive! My faint line (which looked exactly like that) is currently sleeping happily in my arms smile

OuchLegoHurts Thu 19-Oct-17 18:20:28


Cookie1831 Thu 19-Oct-17 18:24:26

Positive congrats x

Elliebee1990 Thu 19-Oct-17 18:32:22

Thanks for replying so fast I’ve been staring at it so long I wasn’t sure if I was seeing things!

sazzle3 Thu 19-Oct-17 19:29:01

That's no denying that test your pregnant smile

sazzle3 Thu 19-Oct-17 19:29:03

That's no denying that test your pregnant smile

babysunshine20 Thu 19-Oct-17 19:38:09

Congratulations. I got my positive last night smile x

lovelystar Thu 19-Oct-17 19:40:30

100% positive, that's what my first test looked like and I'm now 22 weeks smile congratulations!

Merida83 Thu 19-Oct-17 19:53:49

My first FRER looked as faint as that.
My dd is now 4 weeks old.

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