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Missed ovulation but still period symptoms?? HELP!

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Makmum33 Thu 19-Oct-17 11:16:58

Hi folks.
I’m hoping to get some words of wisdom from some other ladies in the same boat or who can share their experience. I’m at a total loss!!

Me and the other half have been tying to conceive for 2 years. We both a child each from previous marriages and all tests at GP for fertility seem ok so far ( I do have Endometriosis though)
This month at around the time of ovulation I had a bleed for the first time . My googling and stalking of forums like this lead me to think I had an ovulation bleed. It was light and only lasted a day or 2 and was barely there pink colour. ( sorry for too much info! ) I knew we had our timings spot on this month and kept my fingers well crossed.
I had intense one sided pain 2 weeks later, like period cramp but went away a few hours later. I thought possible delayed implantation? No bleed this time.
So fast forward another week.... my period is always irregular on a 26-29 day cycle ( with 2 exceptions of a 33 day cycle in the last 2 years) and still no AF. I Tested with a First response -and negative. By now I’ve got cramps and typical PMS irritability. I also had a metal taste in mouth, but that’s went away now.
I’m now on day 37 and still no period. I have still had on and off cramps and so emotional and irritable it unbelievable! I’m off work on leave for a fortnight so know period is not delayed due to stress. A further 2 tests on cheapie tests shows BFN.
More googling shows my ovulation bleed might have been missed ovulation bleed due to progesterone drop.
So my question is if I did not ovulate and the bleed was due to missed ovulation, would I still be having PMS symptoms like cramp and mood swings? I’ve got the doctor next week but I feel like I’m going mad and hoping someone who knows more than I do can help.

If I’m aprox 8 days after missed period surely if I was pregnant I would have a BFP by now??

Thanks in advance ladies.

MouseLove Thu 19-Oct-17 12:11:39

Yes it sadly could be a sign of pms. The same symptoms also sit in early pregnancy. However since you are now late I would wait a week and if still no period take another test. You will defo have an answer then. Sadly you may also be having a cycle where you don’t ovulate and simply move onto your next cycle without a period. Try to keep testing to an absolute minimum to avoid stress. Good luck. X

Makmum33 Thu 19-Oct-17 12:20:38

Thanks Mouselove.
Either way it seems odd, if the bleed was an ovulation bleed AF Should be here by now. If it was a missed ovulation bleed why am I going through a week of PMS symptoms for a period that’s not coming!

Thanks for the advice smile. Will sit on my hands for the next week and keep my toes crossed! X

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