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Too much research. Now I'm confused!

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Cinderellamovedout Wed 18-Oct-17 12:39:57

Tried just shagging, hasn't worked. So here we are setting up the bathroom lab.

I'm on cycle day 6 of a 32-34 day cycle.
Planning to start OPK on cycle day 8, and try sperm meets egg schedule. Also tracking CM and temping. I've got piles of questions I can't find answers to.

I've been using Glow for last 6 months, but its accosting me to subscribe so have now added Ovuview app to mix - only using Glow until Ovuview has a few cycles logged.

- is CD 8 too early to OPK?
- what should scale be set at on temperature charts? In both apps I can swipe to change scale. I'm looking at examples and seeing spikes all over the placenturies, but obviously scale makes a massive difference. Mine could almost flatline just now or show zig zag.
- if CM is mixed with semen, can you be sure of consistency or is it just best guess?
- is it worth looking at cervical position or is that a path to madness?

Sorry for the essay.

physicskate Wed 18-Oct-17 18:45:44

You probably ov about two weeks before af, so cd 8 seems quite early if you have such regular cycles.

Surely the scale sets itself with more data? Use fertility friends. Scale adjusted accordingly. Everyone’s bbt is different. My temps are low, generally 35.6-36.6 degrees C.

Mixed with semen it’s a best guess...

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