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TTC and charting after implant removal and breastfeeding

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Flybynight1 Tue 17-Oct-17 11:20:07

Hi All!

I had my implant taken out a week ago (after a 2 month wait between dr availability!!!) and with the advice that your fertility returns straight away I am impatient to get the ball rolling so to speak. We have a 15 month old who I'm still feeding a bit at night (to sleep and then once or twice if he wakes) and I'm concious this could affect things.

Last time we got pregnant on the 3rd cycle but the first one charting and I want to chart again but I've not had a period or withdrawal bleed so I don't know how to chart this month-I'm temping and have OPKs but do I consider the day of removal as CD1?

Also can you still ovulate without a period in the first cycle? Am I right in believing that the implant stops the womb lining from developing and that's why there may not be a period post removal but still you can ovulate?

Any success stories of post implant babies happily received!

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