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TTC Losing weight healthily

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Hulaballoo Tue 17-Oct-17 07:29:42

Hi all, I've been a yo-yo dieter my entire life... I'm lucky I've never been over 30 bmi but I go up and down between 19 to 25 bmi. It's currently 24.7 which is classed as healthy but I don't feel happy. My clothes don't fit. I want to be around 22 bmi. I need to lose about 5kg/approx 12 pounds...I don't naturally lose weight easily. Losing 1 pounds in a week is a massive achievement. I can't do slimming world as my DD has multiple food allergies and we all eat together so I need something we can all have or at least something I can easily amend...I breaded fish, id swap out for salmon. So I weighed myself this morning. 10 stone. I'm 5ft 3 and a half. 🙂 ttc is making it tough with avocados and nuts but I know the extra biscuits and chocolate haven't helped. Any healthy eating experts out there? Any good tips for getting in the zone and staying on track. Anyone want to join on a healthy eating journey? 😳xx

dudemeister76 Tue 17-Oct-17 08:24:51

I can try and help! I lost about 3 stone by changing my lifestyle rather than going on a diet, which in my experience never really work long term. Ive never looked back. You really just have to go for it and have no excuses. No one can do it except you. The first thing i did was get active. Join a gym, walk EVERYWHERE, do something to get your heart rate up. Joe Wicks' you tube channel is brilliant if you can't get out to the gym and he's got loads of workouts at all levels. Then i downloaded Myfitnesspal on my phone. You can set your daily calories on here and log everything you eat. It does get easier as the app remembers what you eat. Get some digital scales because i have found that really makes a difference. you get to see what foods are calorifically dense. For instance avocados and nuts/nut butters while healthy, are calorifically dense, so a heaped teaspoon as opposed to a level teaspoon can make a big difference in calories. Load up on veg and lean meat. If you've got a sweet tooth I've found some stuff that hits the spot instead of caning the calories. Hartley's 10 calorie jelly pots. Cairns chocolate chip oatcakes 45 cals per biccie! theres loads out there if you look.

use that link to work out what your daily calories are based on your height weight and activity level for fatloss. most importantly, set yourself a realistic goal and stick to it. And cheat every now and then! i have a cheat meal once every 2 weeks like a kebab or something but the key is to leave it at cheat meal then get back on with logging food and eating well.

Hulaballoo Tue 17-Oct-17 08:30:58

Thank you so much @dudemeister76 I'm definitely going to read up on that. Ok really need to up my exercise. I'm active but not really dedicating time to exercise so I can start changes asap. I need to find a good website that can say how many grams etc of nuts, avocados, sweet potatoes etc we need when ttc so I don't go over board...Ive been trying to have half an avocado a day and picked beetroot and spinach daily... Maybe that's too much? Oh and I've been trying to have a handful of Brazil and walnuts a day too... Maybe that's too much and every b other day is better? I have no idea.

dudemeister76 Tue 17-Oct-17 08:44:37

I guess you've got to do whats maintainable for you. You don't have to do the nuts everyday unless you like them lol. I take selenium instead as i hate brazil nuts and even then i think one nut a day is enough selenium in brazils. Spinach is great as is anything green. I have green smoothies with Spinach, passionfruit, frozen mango from tesco about three times a week. I started having broccoli instead of rice and pasta sometimes or cauliflower rice. On the days i exercise ill allow myself more carbs so in come the oat biscuits and maybe even a bit of pasta (not much though lol)
Im not an expert but i have made it my mission for 10 years to arm myself with as much health and fitness knowledge as possible. Its my passion. I now train 6 times a week doing HIIT and weight training and a tiny bit of steady state cardio. You don't need to go mad like me though to change your life lol. Its just making the first step to changing the bad habits we all have with food and getting active that will get you results. Don't give up! even if you fall off the wagon, don't dwell on it or talk yourself out of getting back on track. If i can help you I'm more than happy to xxx

Hulaballoo Tue 17-Oct-17 19:35:43

Thank you so much for all your advice. 🙂 Ive been trying hard today... Made myself walk to the post office instead of driving, also walked to pick the kids up from school and back again... Have managed 9500 steps so far when I'm normally around 7500..I know it's not a lot but it's a start 😳 eaten ok.. get so hungry though late afternoon at about 4... Had some Jacobs cream crackers 😖 still starving now... Going to have salmon for dinner. Had a salad for lunch with quinoa and pineapple for pudding... But I do feel hungry 😥hoping my stomach shrinks a bit soon so I don't feel it so much. Oh I've also been measuring things out and logging food in my fitbit app.... Woop. Roll on tomorrow. Think I need to snack plan better. Xx

Laura2018 Tue 17-Oct-17 20:58:40

You could try weight watchers? You can eat everything, its really about portion control. I really like it xx

Hulaballoo Tue 17-Oct-17 23:17:57

I've never done weight watchers... I'll have a look. My Dd has multiple food allergies so I was hoping for just being aware of good/unhealthy foods so I can cook for us all rather than measuring things too much but I'll have a look and see how it works. 🙂👍thank you

WazFlimFlam Thu 19-Oct-17 08:49:58

I'm 5'2'' and 10 and a half stone, and trying to drop a stone before ttc in a few months.

I'm using Weightloss Respurce to track food and exercise, and I've dropped 7lb in 4 weeks.

What nuts and seeds are you eating? I'm doing seed cycling with the odd avocado for breakfast but managing to keep in calories.

It is tough when you are short!

Hulaballoo Thu 19-Oct-17 13:25:57

Ooh I've never heard of that @WazFlimFlam I'll have a look. Ive measured and cut down my notes and seeds. I'm having 2-3 Brazil nuts, 2 walnuts and 10g-15g of sunflower kernels. I walked my girls to school this morning, then ran back and got in the car to go to work...A bit manic but did it 😁👍 x

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