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Please help - am i still in with a chance?

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mummykezza Mon 16-Oct-17 15:13:34

ok, long story short, I had a MC about a month ago. Started testing and had a flashing smiley on Thursday and Friday, then negatives in the afternoon but think that was diluted

Got a solid smiley on Saturday morning (yay), but because of visitors, we couldn't dtd. Got another solid smiley yesterday morning. We managed to dtd last night around 10pm.

Do you think I left it too late or can I still be in with a chance this month?


McTufty Mon 16-Oct-17 15:22:54

Sorry about your MC.

Yes you could be in with a chance! Once you get static smiley, ovulation should be 12-36 hours away. The egg then lives for around 24 hours. So while ideally you’d have managed Saturday as well, the timing could work depending on how soon you ovulate after your surge. Did you DTD at all on Thursday or Friday?

Good luck!

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