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Depo but now want to conceive

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victoriafenwick Sun 15-Oct-17 18:03:07

Hi all..
I’m having some issues with concieveing.
I had the depo in April and was ment to have my top up in July however I didn’t due to deciding we wanted a baby.. I only had the one shot.. was bleeding very light brown blood here and there during the injection 3 month period. Now I have been off the injection 3 months since it was last due and now been bleeding heavy to light for 3 weeks! I really want to conceive now and this is stressing me 😩😩😩 help!

NikiBabe Mon 16-Oct-17 02:21:09

I was advised strongly before going on depo that if you want children imminently dont use it because it can take up to 2 years for fertility to return.

It properly messed up my cycles and i didnt have periods for.over a year after only 2 injections.

The average time for getting your cycle.and fertility back is 10 months. Someone really should have advised you of that.

NikiBabe Mon 16-Oct-17 02:24:17

Like so

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