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Ovulation kits or just go for it?

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Al1c1a Sun 15-Oct-17 17:24:15

Hi everyone

I'm new to this - am 30, ttc #1, have just started AF (3 days early - why?!) at the end of cycle 1. (how was that for all of the acronyms?!?)

Apart from coming off the pill in Jan (using condoms for a while as we had our honeymoon in a 'zika' country and couldn't start trying til 6 months after), the only other thing I have done is taking folic acid for the last 4 weeks.

I knew a bit about ovulation before, but honestly, these boards have been a complete eye opener for me. It's fair to say there is a lot more potential science to it than just Babydancing more often than before!!!

I'm super keen to get a BFP asap but equally don't want to get too obsessive and wrapped up in it (I have a tendency to do that!!). My DH is also a complete wimp when it comes to talking about any of this - he just wants it all to happen by magic (in truth I think he's absolutely terrified of not being able to..).

What I want to know is... what advice do you have and what approach did you take?

Shall I invest in kits/apps or anything else... or would you just let it be?

Very keen to hear everyone's opinions and advice!!

A x

BandhaAid Sun 15-Oct-17 17:34:54

I think it depends on what kind of person you are. When trying for baby number 1, I tracked ovulation using just my cervical mucus and we used the Sperm Meets Egg Plan. I'm a control freak and have to feel like I'm doing something to aid the situation so this time, I'm tracking CM and BBT as well as having sex every two days until the fertile period when we are doing it daily.

This seems a lot to some, more relaxed, people and sometimes I do wish I could be more relaxed but this works for me! Just do what you feel comfortable with. Good luck.

HoneyWheeler Sun 15-Oct-17 17:40:46

I bought some ovulation tests of eBay but to be honest I never got a positive test! I ended up tracking cervical mucus through the Ovia app and just hoping for the best. It took us about four months, but to be perfectly honest for three months we only had sex once in my fertile period, whereas the month we conceived I stepped it up a hear and had sex 4/5 times!

By some cheap pregnancy tests of eBay or amazon and then a couple of clear blue digital - I did a cheap test first and then when I got a faint line I did a clear blue the next day which confirmed it!

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