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clearblue advanced or clearblue digital

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Cupcakesandlove Fri 13-Oct-17 21:45:41

Hi in a nutshell what one is better? I’ve been reading up about them online and I’m very confused... any personal experiences would be great. Also if there is anything better please let me know. Thank you

gamerchick Fri 13-Oct-17 22:21:14

Personally I think they should ban the digitals. They’re an expensive gimmick that gives a thrill of seeing the weeks... usually when you already know you’re pregnant.

Caspiana Fri 13-Oct-17 22:24:35

Does it have to be Clearblue? I would recommend a pink dye as they are easier to read in my opinion.

NimbleKnitter Fri 13-Oct-17 23:49:18

Do you mean pregnancy tests or ovulation tests?

NameChange30 Fri 13-Oct-17 23:52:52

I don't see the point of digital tests. They're expensive and less sensitive than the First Response tests. Just get First Response and don't waste them, do them with FMU only, no POAS allowed at other times of day!

NimbleKnitter Fri 13-Oct-17 23:55:43

I think she may be asking about opks - the advanced or the digital monitor

I have the monitor, and I like it because when I first wake up I’m basically comatose and have been known to flush precious first morning urine...

NameChange30 Fri 13-Oct-17 23:56:40

Ah sorry

Cupcakesandlove Mon 16-Oct-17 08:55:53

Hi thank you - I was on about an ovulation kit sorry. I wanted to buy one today.
Does anyone know the best one

Stee1 Mon 16-Oct-17 08:57:57

I have the clear blue dual hormones one find it much better than using internet cheapies had 4 days of high then my peak this morning. X

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