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Help please - can you see a line or am I seeing things?

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thebloodycatwontstopmeowing Thu 12-Oct-17 19:55:22


My period is almost four dates late. I gave birth 6 months ago and my periods have been regular (almost to the day) since six weeks after.

We'd like another so not trying but not not trying if that makes sense. Definitely dtd a few times around ovulation time (or so I think!).

I've taken a few tests but all are negative. I'm not fussed whether I am pregnant or not but just want to know either way!

Can anyone see a line? Pretty sure I can't but not sure if I'm missing something.

Thanks xx

thebloodycatwontstopmeowing Thu 12-Oct-17 20:10:54

Anyone? confused

HelpfulHermione Thu 12-Oct-17 20:13:15

Goodness me - is it National Early Testing Week??

What / where are we supposed to be looking for?

thebloodycatwontstopmeowing Thu 12-Oct-17 20:14:39

Err what? I'm four days late! How is that early??

KarateKitten Thu 12-Oct-17 20:14:57

OP if your period is 4 days late I'd expect a very clear positive so on that basis, I'd say it's unlikely.

On that test I can't see a line.

thebloodycatwontstopmeowing Thu 12-Oct-17 20:16:05

Me neither. Just very odd to be so late after being very regular.

thebloodycatwontstopmeowing Thu 12-Oct-17 20:18:49

"Helpful" I'm guessing you didn't read the post correctly and read it as 4 dpo rather 4 days late. Shame you're so bloody rude.

HelpfulHermione Thu 12-Oct-17 20:26:52

Calm down - I didn't intend to be rude. There has been an unusually high volumes of threads asking us all to look at peoples pregnancy tests. It was a tongue in cheek comment.

You say your periods are "almost" to the day regular. How regular is "almost" to the day? I wouldn't have thought 4 days is particularly late. Unless you usually run like clockwork.

KarateKitten Thu 12-Oct-17 20:28:53

Ah you've been loaded with hormones and only had 4 regular periods so I don't think it's odd at all. You're also probably still dealing with weird sleep patterns and stressful patches, the odd late period so soon after a birth is not really surprising. I'd test again in a week if no period still.

thebloodycatwontstopmeowing Thu 12-Oct-17 20:35:45

Telling me to calm down is rude and you were rude before. I have nothing to do with the other posts. It's not my fault other people are asking this too early. I just don't see why there's any reason so be like that.

Four days is pretty late for me. Before and after I was last pregnant if it didn't start on the predicted date it would always but the following morning or during that night.

thebloodycatwontstopmeowing Thu 12-Oct-17 20:38:56

Thanks kitten. Yeah I'm assuming not which is a bit of a relief and my six month old has been difficult this week hmm so maybe a bigger age gap would be better after all!

He sleeps 12 hours a night so can't be that. The only difference is that we've just come back from holiday on a long haul flight and I've noticed in the past it can delay it, always assumed it was a coincident as never heard anyone else experience this.

HelpfulHermione Thu 12-Oct-17 20:41:03

I got quite stroppy and moody very early on in my second pregnancy. Just saying.

thebloodycatwontstopmeowing Thu 12-Oct-17 20:42:21

Wow, you sound like a lovely person.

HollyBollyBooBoo Thu 12-Oct-17 20:53:11

I'm guessing your there's irony in your name Helpful. It's a bit shitty of you to be like this on someone's potential pregnancy thread.

thebloodycatwontstopmeowing Thu 12-Oct-17 20:56:49

Thanks Holly.
It's funny I've never posted on mumsnet before but read it often. My husband suggested to post the photo to see what others thought and at first I said no because I see so many unhelpful, rude and bitchy comments...

KarateKitten Thu 12-Oct-17 22:03:41

Yes! Long haul flying is notorious for messing with cycles. I bet that's it.

thebloodycatwontstopmeowing Thu 12-Oct-17 22:07:04

Really? I've never heard of it but just googled. I thought it was just me! Xx

thebloodycatwontstopmeowing Thu 12-Oct-17 22:07:20

Although it was nearly a week ago

Phoenix76 Fri 13-Oct-17 23:35:09

I don't want to alarm you but apparently you're incredibly fertile for the first year after giving birth. It could be the other reasons that pp have suggested but if you're like me with clock work periods then pregnancy, despite that particular test, is a real possibility. I would invest in a clearblue test if you can and re test in a couple of days if you can bear the wait. Good luck, I hope you get the result you would like!

thebloodycatwontstopmeowing Sat 14-Oct-17 00:14:29

Thanks Phoenix. Now five days late so will leave a few more days but don't feel like AF is on its way. I know I gave birth quite recently but still unusual to me.

Don't mind whether I am pregnant or not would just like to know either way! smile

onemoremummy Sat 14-Oct-17 09:56:19

I flew back to the UK long haul 2 weeks ago and my period was 8 days late (it's never late!!!!). So yes, travelling does mess up your periods!

thebloodycatwontstopmeowing Sat 14-Oct-17 11:36:26

Well AF arrived five days late today so it looks like the theory might be true. I don't think it's ever been more than a day late since I was about 15!!

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