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Missed period

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Sandra800 Thu 12-Oct-17 14:32:18

Hi guys,

Just slightly confused about something, wondering if you could help out.

My last period was 48 days ago. Last day of my period was 30th September 2017 I haven't come on since.

Iv done a few Pregnancy test (Asda pink dye one also first Responce) they are all coming back negative. So I went to the Docters on Monday gone and they did a blood test on me they called me yesterday saying the docter would like to see me and made me a appointment for tommow. The receptionist did tell me that the test come back negative. I'm so confused I don't understand what's going on... Why does the docter will want to see me?

I feel really tired bloated and really emotional I feel really upset for no reason and then I'm really happy I feel a a bit sick time to time but don't actually vomit...

Bubblegum89 Thu 12-Oct-17 14:35:37

What did they test for? Just HCG? If not, they could have run tests for any hormone imbalances which have come back high/low and the dr wants to discuss it as a possibility for your late period

Sandra800 Thu 12-Oct-17 15:00:12

It was a HCG & hormone test xxx

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