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Pre-pregnancy blood test

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zoClueless Thu 12-Oct-17 10:04:43

Hi, I'm new around here, have been lurking for a couple of weeks (and soaking up lots of ttc info) and this is my first post...

I've just been to doctor (for unrelated prescription) and mentioned that I was planning to come off bcp at the end of this packet and planned to start ttc in a couple months time. He asked me if I had had the MMR and I told him I had one dose as a child (the MMR wasn't around when I was born so I believe I had dose one at the age that the second dose is given now) and then I had a second dose whilst at university (approx 12-13 years ago) because there was a bit of an outbreak amongst people who had only had one dose due to when we were born.

He has now given me a referral letter for a blood test to check my rubella immunity. Whilst, obviously, better safe than sorry, I was wondering how many others had these blood tests and whether it was likely to be an issue for me given I have had two doses of the vaccine during my life? Has anyone ever needed a third dose as a result of pre-pregnancy blood tests?

The dr said if I need another dose of MMR then we'd need to wait another 3 months after before starting to ttc!! It's thrown me a bit as it didn't even enter my head that my immunisation levels would need to be checked - I've always had the vaccinations when offered as a child and throughout school. Am now kicking myself that I haven't mentioned plans to ttc to doctor before now so this was already over and done with.

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