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Early pregnancy signs ??

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Allthatglitters23 Tue 10-Oct-17 22:23:06

So after having a couple of difficult years with my partner not being able to keep an erection due to a medical problem (which we are getting seen to at the moment) we decided to give home insemination a try! This is our first go with trying this . The first day of my last period was the 16th September, I calculated my ovulation days and we tried on the 28th, the 30th, the 2nd & the 5th October just for extra luck lol!
Since the end of last week I've felt really sick, I've had loose bowels (sorry tmi) my discharge has went like egg whites / white & thick (tmi again) and something just feels odd,I also had a weird coin taste in my mouth on Sunday for about an hour (don't know if this means anything) I'm due my period on Sunday, I'm too scared to test just now as I've had so
Much dissapointment before ! When do you guys suggest testing ?
I'm worried all these things I'm just over thinking !
Also if anyone has success stories on home insemination please share themsmile would be good to hear from you! X

VocalDuck Tue 10-Oct-17 22:35:29

If your period was the 16th and you have 28 day cycles with a 14 day LP, then realistically you ovulated on 30 September and I don't think you would have any symptoms yet, especially since your period being due on Sunday means ovulation was probably 1 October at the earliest. Even if you are pregnant, the egg might not have even implanted and then it needs a few days for your hormone levels to be high enough to detect on a HPT. Hopefully you'll get a positive result but most tests recommend waiting until your period is due because that is when you tend to get an accurate answer although a FRER is usually reliable earlier. The general rule is that your body needs to have enough hormones in it for a positive test and also for you to get any symptoms. So although it might be a day or so out, there is no way last week would be late enough in your cycle for either.

MissSophieB397 Wed 11-Oct-17 07:02:37

I’ve had many symptoms before I got my BFP 2 days ago. I had the worst sore boobs for the past 3 weeks, backache and just not feeling myself before AF is due. Now I didn’t know I was pregnant and I didn’t think to test until 2 days ago as I went to the doctors with my symptoms thinking I had other issues as I genuinely wasn’t thinking of pregnancy, my AF is usually due this week however last month it seemed to of come a week earlier but it was very light and not my usual AF which is heavy and lasts forever! Sorry tmi, so I’d definitely say just hold it out until af is due and test then, unless you use the FRER which can detect earlier smile sending you all the luck in the world flowers

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