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WasWebb81 Tue 10-Oct-17 21:15:07

Three years into TTC, with three miscarriages, looking at all the options to try and make the next time stick (and hopefully not take another year like the last).

Went for my first session yesterday and can't decide what I think. Does seem like there is something in it from all I've read and NHS recommend along with IVF (although no one seems sure why!). If it was a case of just cracking on then fine, but the person I saw said we would ideally not try this month so she can see me weekly and give it a really good go/full cycle/clear me out (as it were)/understand what going on etc to give next month the best possible chance. I can continue with it if don't want to do this, but would be very different treatment apparently. No pressure at all, just a recommendation.

Husband thinks is bollocks and doesn't want to miss a month. I don't want to miss a month either but if it could make a difference.......

Anyone with any experience to share?


crazyontheweekend Tue 10-Oct-17 22:34:04

Hi OP. I'm having acupuncture for fertility. Been going for 2 months now and ttc about 8-9 months. I'm going cos I'm in my forties.

I believe what your lady told you is good advice. Mine said the same although we took the break voluntarily as my OH was poorly. She was really pleased to have a complete month (I go fortnightly) so she could really work 'deeper '. Apparently if there's a chance you could be pregnant i.e. you're in the second half of your cycle, they can't needle you in certain places for risk of 'unsettling' a new embryo. So if you take a month off they can work 'deeper' and more effectively. Hope that makes sense I'm no expert but that's my experience.

Good luck with everything. Three years ttc must be so hard. Have you made any other changes? How old are you?

WasWebb81 Wed 11-Oct-17 13:09:18

Sorry for the delay, bed and work! Thanks so much for info. I'm wondering if should try a different practioner, maybe my reservations are also down to not clicking completely with her.

I'm 36, pushing 37 and definitely wasn't expecting to take this long and the losses have been tough. But trying to be positive and thought this was a proactive step as NHS not interested from a fertility perspective (if do get pg I'll be under a consultant due to miscarriage history but nothing until then).

Fingers crossed for you too! hopefully this will do the trick, but have you spoken to docs yet?

LuItaliana Wed 11-Oct-17 16:01:58

Hi OP I've just started acupuncture & I was not given this advice but he did say that he couldn't do some of the points until after I'd had my period so there may be something in it?
I would say think about changing practitioner if you don't click with her though as I find one of the reasons I love my sessions is that I feel like mine is really knowledgeable, he asks me loads of questions, goes through all my blood results and hospital test results so I really feel like he knows what he's doing.
I've only just started (got my 3rd session today) so I'm yet to see if it works but I do always feel great after and sleep much better after just 2 sessions.
I really hope it works for you!

crazyontheweekend Wed 11-Oct-17 22:56:15

I'm so sorry for your losses. That is very very tough. So will the NHS not look into your recurrent miscarriages?
As far as an acupuncturist is concerned I'd definitely advise finding another until you click with the person. It's so important. I was with another lady and although she was very pleasant I didn't connect with her and didn't get great advice from her. She just asked me loads of questions and did the needles. The lady I'm with now is lovely. She is on my wavelength and gives me loads of good advice and little tips regarding diet, supplements, relaxation etc etc.

JoJoSM2 Fri 13-Oct-17 09:59:00

I’ve been going to acupuncture for months (alongside fertility treatments) and it’s meant to really help.

However, given your history, you should be referred after 3 miscarriages! If your GP won’t refer, change GPs. If you’ve got the money, it’d be worth going for investigations privately rather than waiting another year or two as your egg quality and reserves dwindle.

lildottie Sat 14-Oct-17 10:33:47

I did acupuncture along side IVF and I'm sold on it helping. I was never told to stop trying for a cycle though and my practitioner was also a midwife. Personally I couldn't have had a month off trying given what you've gone through. We took 2 cycles (1st I MC) and 3 years to conceive ds and I had to have a month off when I had HSG test and it was torture!

Betsyboo87 Sat 14-Oct-17 12:57:59

If you haven’t clicked I’d say see another. I’m not great at talking about my feelings but I felt really at ease with mine and opened up to her. Poor lady had to hear about all my problems! I’m not pregnant yet but it did help me relax and chill out and talking to someone about my frustration was good for me.

I didn’t have to have a month off and I totally get your reluctance too. I’ve travelled abroad on one of my DHs work trips because it fell in my fertile week!

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