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Light period then bfp?

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Upsydasiy Tue 10-Oct-17 09:57:52

Just curious if anyone has had a light period then gone on to get their bfp?

Pretty sure this is more than likely just my af but it’s so much lighter than I’m normally have, managing with just a pantyliner, or a small pad overnight, where as I normally just tampons and pads (tmi) this is barley there and stopping/starting. I haven’t really got any of my usual af cramps or symptoms!

Af was late this month, so that’s what’s making me convinced it’s just af but curious to see if anyone had what they thought was their af but different to their normal cycle then gone on to get a bfp?

Thank you 😊

MissSophieB397 Tue 10-Oct-17 15:50:18

I was having very light bleeding last week for a few days, sometimes bright red other times pink and then today I’ve had browny pink. I got my BFP yesterday but waiting to go for a scan to check all is okay, but I’m exactly the same usually my periods are very heavy and always long however this bleeding has been light and on and off. So hoping all is okay smile

Upsydasiy Tue 10-Oct-17 16:35:38

Congratulations on your bfp!!
Was this bleeding before you’d expect your af or around the same time?

Mine started on wiping and was barley there, did get a little heavier but nowhere near the amount I expect for af then stopped again and is now just occasionally on wiping (tmi) didn’t want to get my hopes up and was convinced it was af but now it’s totally gone again I’m not sure what to think 😔

excitedface Tue 10-Oct-17 16:59:14

I’ve had something similar and now, reading this, not sure what to think! Tested negative (taken way too early), having had lots of symptoms and then slightly early AF. That’s what I assumed it was anyway, although much lighter than usual and shorter (around 4 days). Just seemed too much for implantation bleeding, not that I would know how much that may be!

MissSophieB397 Tue 10-Oct-17 17:06:06

My period usually doesn’t come til around now, so was just before af was due however last month I bled the first week in September and last week I had very light bleeding. So I’m not sure, I’m just hoping that I’m not miscarrying with this bleeding sad hopefully il find out soon xx

user1499786242 Tue 10-Oct-17 17:15:56

I thought I was coming on my period two weeks after I ovulated
Thought my cycles must have got messed up due to stress or something
It was just spotting and not a full period
Got my bfp a few days before I would have been due on a normal period
No idea what happened, maybe implantation bleeding
Didn't have it with my first pregnancy
But it can happen

Good luck

Upsydasiy Tue 10-Oct-17 17:16:45

I think mines to late to be anything other than a strange af, just is totally out of character 😔

Fingers crossed for a happy healthy pregnancy @MissSophieB397

Chattycat78 Tue 10-Oct-17 17:38:51

I had what I thought was a short period. They became suspicious a week later when I saw more blood. Did a hpt and it was positive. Am guessing it was implantation bleeding. Sadly that particular pregnancy didn't work out, but I did get a bfp.

Upsydasiy Wed 11-Oct-17 08:54:07

@chattycat78 sorry to hear the pregnancy didn’t work out 😔

What I thought was my af has stopped now, consisted of spotting on wiping Sunday night, slight bleed Monday evening then on wiping Tuesday morning. Now nothing. Totally confused 🤷‍♀️

gingerbreadmam Wed 11-Oct-17 12:01:38

i'm wondering if this is me right now. According to ovia i should be on my period today. i usually spot for 2 - 4 days before then period.

Started spotting sunday and its not really got much heavier.

I did have similar last bfp but sadly mmc's at 14+2. Also had similar first pregnancy but another mmc. Cant remember im 2nd pregnancy but that ended in stillbirth. panickinf which is probably stopping af arriving lol!

Upsydasiy Wed 11-Oct-17 21:29:04

Spotting has started again so confused 😔 xxx

murree Sat 14-Oct-17 21:14:31

I've had the same, got so many pregnancy symptoms the week before AF due then had a few days of start stop very light bleeding when I should have gotten my period - not like i normally get - now I'm so bloated and nauseous and still getting the occasional spotting (brown CM) but tests are showing negative - god knows whats going on with my body!!! confused

Upsydasiy Sun 15-Oct-17 09:23:34

@murree frustrating isn’t it 😔
Wish af would just come so I know where I am

lovegem89 Mon 15-Jan-18 17:29:48

Hello, is anyone still here for an update. Experiencing the same right now and would love to know x

CoconutGal Mon 15-Jan-18 17:33:36

This is exactly what I've been experiencing the last 10 days. I've had blood tests done & they came back as not pregnant. I'm now essentially 16 days late. Spotting is a pinkish colour, then a reddish brown. Again only when wiping but I pop a pad on just incase to find nothing. Very strange. Keep me posted OP on how you get on.

Deepred91 Sun 23-Sep-18 18:42:40

Hey coconut gal I'm having the same thing as you right now, what happened in the end ?x

Lauraliverpool Sun 23-Sep-18 20:21:02

Hi, I had what I think was my period beginning of this month, lasted about 3 days wasn't particularly heavy and had similar last month, I did have a 2nd MMC in June and I know it can take several months for them to regulate again. On Sunday and wed I had two tiny light pink spots on tissue literally that was all and since then nothing, last couple of days noticed backache and sore boobs which I know can mean a number of things, another period coming, ovulation or pregnancy which I'd be so happy if it was! Took a internet cheapy test which was negative and realised they aren't that sensitive, have got a clear blue test and a frer that I ordered. Have got two apps on my phone and they both say different dates for my next period to start.

vanessaxoxo Tue 20-Nov-18 01:27:50

Hey guys,
I need some advice. So iam currently on cycle day 69 and still no period but had spotting on cycle day 59,60 (2/3 drops)and 61 (when i wiped) did a test on cycle day 66 but was negative.
Did this happen to anyone before?

jennyc95 Fri 30-Nov-18 17:13:30

Iknow this is an old post but can somebody please help?
I had some light pink spotting 2 days before af was due, lasted about a day before turning brown once when I wiped and since then nothing! I am now 10 days late and still waiting for my period...

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