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So, I'll be an Early November tester

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VJONES1985 Mon 09-Oct-17 16:08:19

My period started on Thursday and has petered out today. I think I'm due to ovulate on cd15 or 16, meaning AF is due November 1st. Anyone else??

This will be my first month properly TTC, using BBT and OPKs, but the general plan is just to BD as much as possible! Haha! Good luck to anyone else x

ClarrieWhite Mon 09-Oct-17 16:22:30

Hi VJones1985! I'm due 12th November and am just waiting for my October AF after a BFN today. September was our first month TTC and I'm feeling way more emotional than I thought!

Good luck to you and hopefully November will be our month!

VJONES1985 Mon 09-Oct-17 16:25:11

Aw, I know what you mean. It only took me 3 months to fall pregnant with my son but I was really upset the first two months because I couldn't understand what had gone 'wrong'. Basically, it's all just down to luck though.

Will be BD every two days until my fertile window, when it'll be every day. My husband knows what he's letting himself in for 😂

VJONES1985 Mon 09-Oct-17 16:25:45

Is AF due today?

ClarrieWhite Mon 09-Oct-17 16:36:57

It's so hard/silly isn't it! Even though I knew our odds of conceiving first cycle were so low, I still feel really down. Hubby has been lovely though, so just trying to stay positive.

AF is due on Wednesday unfortunately!

Haha, great that your husband knows what he's letting himself in for!

VJONES1985 Mon 09-Oct-17 16:38:11

Still a chance for you then, possibly. He remembers what I was like the first time round!

Stee1 Mon 09-Oct-17 16:38:48

I'm due AF 31st Oct -1st Nov usually ovulate cd 17-18 x

ClarrieWhite Mon 09-Oct-17 16:39:59

Haha, glad he's all aboard the making a bay train!

Yeah, I guess, but I had horrible cramps all of yesterday so I really do think AF is about to rear her ugly head. Not long to wait and see though I suppose!

VJONES1985 Mon 09-Oct-17 16:57:53

@Stee1 Hello!

@ClarrieWhite Yeah, I guess that's the 'beauty' of charting BBT - you can see from the dramatic temp drop that AF is coming that day

VJONES1985 Mon 09-Oct-17 18:42:59

Anyone else?

AJ89 Mon 09-Oct-17 19:07:38

Yes! My next AF is due 5th November and will be my second cycle of ttc #1.

VJONES1985 Mon 09-Oct-17 19:18:26

Hello, @AJ89

AJ89 Mon 09-Oct-17 20:08:01

@vjones1985 hello! Good luck to us all x

ClarrieWhite Mon 09-Oct-17 20:08:20

Hello @AJ89 and @Stee1! Baby dust to you both!

mintoreo Mon 09-Oct-17 20:19:04

Yes! AF started today for the first time since stopping the pill. This will be the 1st cycle properly TTC. Next due the 6th Nov (if body behaves itself!) so will be joining you in November testing! Good luck everyone!

VJONES1985 Mon 09-Oct-17 20:57:03

Hi @mintoreo, this will be our first proper month TTC as well

Beckypea Mon 09-Oct-17 22:03:42

My AF is due 2nd of November... So another November early tester here!

We unofficially TTC the last two months... But OH wanted to wait until October to officially start... Thought we would catch straight away... Told him we probably wouldn't so here we are officially on cycle one. Just using apps to track things ATM.

Good luck ladies.

ClarrieWhite Sat 14-Oct-17 10:05:55

I got myself a little excited as AF was a few days late, was going to test again this morning, but she arrived over night!
But, has made me realise that there is just no point symptom spotting or testing early; so hopefully at least I'll be less crazy this month!

MamOfFrankie Wed 25-Oct-17 22:00:00

My AF is due 05.11, but I am going to try not to test until AF is late (yeah right!). Cycle 3 this time and need a distraction as last two were horrible.

Owlpatrol Wed 25-Oct-17 22:18:36

I'm due 6th Nov ovulated on Saturday or Sunday good luck ladies xx

BandhaAid Thu 26-Oct-17 10:31:43

So I'm 5dpo and AF due November 1st. My luteal phase is only 10 days so I have my fingers tightly crossed.

The TWW is crap, isn't it. Jenga, anyone???

ClarrieWhite Thu 26-Oct-17 11:02:53

That's what I've said to myself too MamOfFrankie - last month i tested way too much so going to try and not unless my period is late!

BandhaAid the 2ww is horrible - try and distract yourself as much as possible!

BandhaAid Thu 26-Oct-17 12:56:16

I'm much now relaxed than I thought I'd be but that hasn't stopped me thinking about it. I think we all subconsciously symptom spot, no matter how hard we try. Will definitely try to distract myself though 😵

MamOfFrankie Sat 28-Oct-17 20:50:03

How's everyone getting on? 6dpo now, and not been too crazy so far! Tempted to start doing BBT or use OPKs if I have no luck this month.

Owlpatrol Sun 29-Oct-17 22:41:54

I'm going nuts @MamOfFrankie here's where I'm at-
1dpo when I thought ovulation bleeding
2-5dpo sore boobs lower cramps not sure why
6-7 dpo same as above but felt some tiredness
8dpo today pains have eased slightly
Trying not to test till Tuesday! X

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