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Best tips???

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BabyKangaroo90 Mon 09-Oct-17 00:10:57

Hiya, so we have been ttc for about a year now with no luck.

What are your best tips for ttc? The dos and don'ts if you will?

I want to maximise my chances as much as possible. I'm taking folic acid and tracking my cycles. I'm aware of being a healthy weight can help and I'm doing my best to lose weight.

Are there any foods/fruits you would recommend or anything else? Willing to try anything!

Thanks smile

stillvicarinatutu Mon 09-Oct-17 00:16:23

you know what - its all a game of chance i my conclusion. its luck. nothing more than luck and good timing.
i got pg at 44 after a month of trying but the baby had a chromosomal abnormality and i didnt continue.
been trying since for over a year with no luck and im such its because im actively trying.
i got pg twice in my 20s with no thought into it at all. in my 40s i got pg at 44 with no thought into it at all. now im trying and doing everything "right" ive had no luck what so ever.
at 44 i got pg within 2 months (wasnt tracking at all as thought it wouldnt happen) i ate all the wrong stuff, i smoked, i was drinking and i work shifts. my eggs are clearly ancient but lord knows what you do about that.

i truly think now its just luck. its as simple as that.

stillvicarinatutu Mon 09-Oct-17 00:16:56

*sure not such

ethelfleda Mon 09-Oct-17 08:12:19

It could well be luck. We were only trying for 4 months so not 100% if what we tried on the successful month was any good or not BUT - that was the month I quit smoking, cut right back on drinking and drank raspberry leaf tea. I also took evening primrose oil that month and used a lubricant called conceive plus. I also charted that month as well.
I'm now 35+1 smile

NimbleKnitter Mon 09-Oct-17 11:28:20

If you’re over a year - see the doctor.

That’s what the NHS recommend.

If you’ve been having regular sex during your fertile window for a year, you should now ask for some help.

Do you know you’re ovulating?

BabyKangaroo90 Mon 09-Oct-17 15:29:33

Thanks @ethelfleda very helpful smile

@NimbleKnitter it has been over a year since we made that decision but we didn't start actively trying straight away. We started off very casually and I have to say weren't having sex all that often. I then started tracking a few months ago and realised I ovulate later than we originally thought so had been completely missing it. So I'm holding off going to the doctor until we have tried for a while now knowing when I ovulate.

I agree that most of it is just luck but just want to make sure I'm doing as much as I possibly can to maximise my chances.


NimbleKnitter Mon 09-Oct-17 15:36:55

Ah ok, in which case the best tip I can give you is lots of sex!

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