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Positive OPK but not bbt rise

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Cakelaur Sun 08-Oct-17 09:05:33

Hi all. So onto another confusing month!! So after last month of random spotting and erratic temps. I had bloods taken and apparently all is fine. Onto a new month. All seemed to be going swimmingly. Got my 3 highs, 2 peaks, high and then low on my clear blue advanced fertility monitor 😁 then 3 days later still no temp rise!!! 🤦‍♀️
Had a bit of a shift after but dropped back down straight away.
So I know you can gear up to O and then not actually do it... but does anyone have experience with this and know roughly how soon after it'll try again? I may need to just by cheap OPK cos the CMAFM doesn't let you test again once you've hit your peak.

79andnotout Sun 08-Oct-17 16:03:04

I'd get some cheap OPK's as well. I supplement my CBAFM testing with them. Really helps you pinpoint your surges and gives you more flexibility.

How are you doing your temps? I got nothing that made sense until I switched to vaginal readings. My oral readings were all over the shop.

Are you still seeing fertile cervical mucus? If so then that could be an indicator you are about to ovulate.

Cakelaur Sun 08-Oct-17 16:13:20

So I temp orally ATM. Maybe I need to consider vaginal temping. My cm is borderline creamy/ewcm but that could just be from hubby. 🤦‍♀️

Cakelaur Sun 08-Oct-17 16:14:24

I also just got some opk's and tested. It's got a faint line but negative. So I could be on the way down or could be on the way up again. 😁

79andnotout Sun 08-Oct-17 16:23:36

ok yeah, sounds like it's best to keep testing and it should be clear in a couple of days what's going on. Good luck!

sazzle3 Sun 08-Oct-17 18:31:19

I’ve never done temp don’t have a clue how to do it. I do opks I haven’t done any for 3 months as I’ve been trying the laid back approach to see if that would help me fall as we have been trying since start of Feb and everything got a little obsessive. 1st pic opk was took at 9 this morning and 2nd opk pic was Took about an hour ago. I’m hoping the next one I take the 2nd line will be even darker. We have been dtd every other day since Tuesday of last week and will carry on dtd every other day till Thursday in the hope I catching the egg. (Fingers crossed) Xx

Cakelaur Mon 09-Oct-17 05:59:01

@sazzle3 looks like it's getting darker! 🤞sounds like you're defo DTD around the right times. How's your other half with it all? Is he loving more sex or is he feeling under pressure

sazzle3 Mon 09-Oct-17 08:02:58

He’s happy to dtd when I need it 🙂🙂 he actually asks me when I need it lol. Thank you I’m hoping I get my positive today. We dtd this morning and will again tomorrow. I really hope I get my bfp this month ( been trying since end of January) xx

NimbleKnitter Mon 09-Oct-17 11:30:15

If you’re not getting a temp rise, you might not be ovulating.

What tests did you get at the docs? Day 21 blood tests?

Peanutty86 Mon 09-Oct-17 12:49:13

Just looked at your chart again. Any chance yesterday’s temp could be off? Have you got a proper body basal thermometer?
I didn’t get my temp rise either, all OPKs negative.... well just have to keep those ❤️ coming in. Also started with the conceive plus lube yesterday. We’re full on working on it 💪

Cakelaur Mon 09-Oct-17 20:24:32

The tests were general hormone tests. So they took tests to run a full blood screen. And they said all was normal. A few people have said low progesterone. I'll give it a few months until I head back to the Drs.
And @Peanutty86 I have no idea. All my temps could be questionable! 🤦‍♀️ I'm considering temping vaginally.

NimbleKnitter Mon 09-Oct-17 21:38:09

Sorry, CD 21 test is a test about a week after ovulation - it checks your progesterone levels.

If not done at the right time, it doesn’t tell you very much

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