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How did you tell your OH you were pregnant?

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CoconutGal Sat 07-Oct-17 06:42:11

Just out of curiosity & also plain nosey-ness. How did you tell your OH you were expecting & what was their reaction?

My DD’s dad & I weren’t together when I found out I was expecting so I did the whole thing on my own. This time around with DH in the picture I can’t wait to share the news with him when it happens & experience the whole thing with someone.

ibentmywookie Sat 07-Oct-17 09:29:16

First time, woke him up at 6am, shaking with disbelief because I needed him to tell me if I was reading the test right. His reaction = shock and excitement.

Second time, whatsapped him a picture of the positive test from the toilets at work. He didn’t respond for ages because he was in a meeting. 😂 His reaction = shock, excitement and concern.

Third time, skipped downstairs waving the stick at him. His reaction = happiness.

Fourth time, didn’t tell him immediately as I was only 9dpo, his dad had died three days earlier, AND we’d had a mmc six weeks before. Ended up blurting it out a week afterwards whilst we were bickering about housework. His reaction = disbelief and anxiety and happiness.

Good luck!

Waitingonasmile Sat 07-Oct-17 09:49:11

I just sent a picture of the positive test! I bleed during the first few weeks so would never be confident enough to plan a more exciting announcement.

lookingforthecorkscrew Sat 07-Oct-17 09:53:24

I rang DH yesterday to tell him about BFP as he was working late. We both agreed we were pleased but too knackered to be anything more! grin

harrietm87 Sat 07-Oct-17 09:58:10

DH was away with work when I did the test, and was coming home the day before his birthday, so I put the test inside a birthday card and made him open it the second he stepped through the door. Couldn't have kept it from him if he'd been at home!

FourForYouGlenCoco Sat 07-Oct-17 09:58:22

First time (accident) just blurted it out in the kitchen. He was shocked but lovely about it. Ended in mmc

Second time, bought and wrapped up a little hat and a pair of baby socks and gave them to him with a card. Shocked, worried after the last time, excited. That was DD

Third time, gave him the test on Father's Day with a congrats card. Super excited. Ended in mmc

Fourth time never actually told him - very early mc so ended before I got a chance to

Fifth time presented him with an early scan picture (was about 7w) - he was totally shocked as had had no idea - excited but VERY cautious thanks to our rubbish history. That was DS

Sixth time came downstairs and lobbed the test at him (one of the digi ones so he couldn't mistake the result!) - first thing he was all smiles and then was like 'well we'll just wait and see what happens'. Couldn't get excited, but hopeful. Have had 2 good early scans and have proper 12w scan next week so we'll see.

Oysterbabe Sat 07-Oct-17 09:59:45

No big reveals here either. I kept him pretty clued up with ovulation tests, fertile days etc. I told him the day I planned to test and walked out of the bathroom both times and just said it was positive straight away.

confused123456 Sun 08-Oct-17 11:28:22

He was at work when I had to do the test (1st wee of the day). I text him and asked him to ring me on how next break. That's when I told him (we were ttc so it wasn't a surprise).
Then I also wanted him to be there when I did a test, so even though we knew the answer, when he got home from work, I did the other test in the pack (it was a clearblue digital pack of 2), just so he was there. That was that.

Ohwell14 Sun 08-Oct-17 11:31:21

I was working, he came to see me on my lunch break. I was too excited to wait until we got home so I did the test then. I came running out of the toilet and gave him a big hug. So I'm pretty sure he knew I was

AtSea1979 Sun 08-Oct-17 11:41:13

First time went for a drive and stopped at a special (to us) place and told DH, he burst in to tears (of joy) that ended in mc, he was inconsolable. Second time I just blurted it out, he was very excited and optimistic as lots of people mc once, that ended in mc. Third time I kept it quiet but had to call him when I ended up in hospital, that ended in mc. Fourth one, I told him and neither of us were excited as we knew how it ends, at 13 week scan we finally got very excited and then he left me when I was 8 months pregnant as he never wanted a child confused
Fifth time my DP of 6 months found me having a panic on the bathroom floor. Sobbing I couldn't go through being left with a baby again. I wanted to terminate but he talking me round and proposed. He then left when I was 7 months pregnant.
My DC are now 12 and 8.

Bobbiepin Sun 08-Oct-17 11:48:36

He went to work so I called him and said babe I'm pregnant. He said I'm on the bus (and therefore couldn't react how he wanted to). Very happy. We aren't dramatic people generally.

thecolonelbumminganugget Sun 08-Oct-17 11:50:34

Found out this morning! Had already told him we were out for this month as had all the symptoms of AF, don't even know why I thought to test I'm only a day late and I'm always a couple of days either side, it was only because I had a weird iron taste in my mouth yesterday. I went straight into the bedroom and said 'fucking hell I'm actually pregnant' then thrust the first pee stick into his hand and went to confirm it with a digital. I can't stop wanting to tell people!! We didn't think we could conceive, I'm over the fucking moon!!! I really need to try and calm down, there's a long way to go yet.

DrizzleHair Sun 08-Oct-17 11:54:45

I'm not getting to be a dick, and obviously sometimes a woman needs to treat solo then tell the father, but I don't get this in general! Both times (actually all times since there were many negatives) I tested while DP was in the room, then I passed the test to him and he kept it while we did the countdown together then we looked at it together.

Something as life changing as falling pregnant surely you'd want to find out together if at all possible?

I don't mean if eg OH works away long term, but if eg he's on nights for 3 days then I'd wait until the 4th day to test.

Sorry to be a downer about the topic, I've just always wondered why women test on their own if there isn't a reason they 'have to'. I guess I always wanted DP next to me so if it wasn't the news we wanted we could commiserate together, or if it was good news celebrate together

IsAnyoneElseMissingCheese Sun 08-Oct-17 11:55:11

Mine was with me when I took the test. We sat on the landing crossed legged with the test between us waiting for it to say something!

DrizzleHair Sun 08-Oct-17 11:55:34

colonel I get why you tested solo. Maybe I should take my rant back...?!

IsAnyoneElseMissingCheese Sun 08-Oct-17 11:57:23

Ahh cross post with drizzle. I actually agree, can't imagine a scenario that I would do it alone. If he was away then I'd wait to test too.

IsAnyoneElseMissingCheese Sun 08-Oct-17 11:58:08

And congratulations colonel!

PrimeraVez Sun 08-Oct-17 15:44:00

First time I woke him up at 6am shaking with happiness and waving a wee covered stick in his face.

Second time I said ermmm I know this is going to sound crazy, but I'm pretty sure I've just had a positive pregnancy test. Turned out to be a chemical pregnancy.

Third time we were out for dinner for my birthday in a lovely restaurant. He said 'I really love you, you know' and I said 'would you love me even more if I told you I was pregnant?' Ended in a MC at 10 weeks☹️

Fourth time (just two days ago) we were on the beach nice and early, playing in the sea with DS and I said 'I'm pregnant' He responded with 'really? Are you sure?' 🤔

DrizzleHair Sun 08-Oct-17 15:45:55

Loads of luck primera

Scoleah Sun 08-Oct-17 15:46:20

First time round I sent a Pic message!

2nd time he was in work and I asked him was he sitting down!
Ecstatic both times round!

ineedamoreadultieradult Sun 08-Oct-17 15:47:33

I didn't tell him we found out together both times. Unless highly logistically impossible I can't imagine doing the test alone. We were in it together.

redfragglebiker Sun 08-Oct-17 15:48:58

Got a little cake from a very naice artisan bakery near us. (We don't get cakes from there very often as they're bloody expensive.) Attached a luggage label to the cake reading 'roses are red, violets are blue, now share with your wife cos she's eating for two' He was sat on the bed when I gave it to him and he nearly fell off!!!

Si1ver Sun 08-Oct-17 15:57:35

I tested at work because it was really bloody unlikely that I was pregnant, but I felt like shit. I sat in the work toilets and said out loud "bloody hell that's positive" then had to check the was no one else in the room with me.

I phoned my husband from the car and asked him if he could step into an empty meeting room. I've never heard him happier grin I sent him a picture of the test afterwards. He asked me to take another at home when we were together.

GlitteryFluff Sun 08-Oct-17 16:15:32

DH knew when I was due AF, ovulating etc
We decided on the day to test both times, ie if I haven't come on by X day then we'll test: I would have been say 4 days late at that point, and both times was a Sunday so both off work, so woke up and did it and we waited for result together.
I wouldn't have wanted to tell him over phone or text and not seen his reaction, and then him be at work or vice versa.

WatchTheFoxes Sun 08-Oct-17 16:23:04

AtSea1979 so sorry that happened to you flowers

Something as life changing as falling pregnant surely you'd want to find out together if at all possible?

Some people don't view it in that way though. Lots of pregnancies are unplanned, even unwanted. It's not an "amazing moment" for lots of women. Anyway, he will find out eventually, what's a few minutes or hours of keeping that news to yourself? Some women really enjoy being the only one who knows. They savour it until they are ready to tell. So many reasons.

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