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Short and light periods after stopping the pill

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choccichops Fri 06-Oct-17 07:26:37


Hopefully I can get some reassurance.....

My partner and I are ttc. I came off the pill in July. I am having regular periods and am violating but my periods are quite light and only 2 days long (they used to be 5 days and heavy) Others have worried me by telling me that my lining isn't getting thick enough to conceive atm. Is this true? Can I not conceive whilst they are this light and if so will they get heavier? Thanks x

Bearsonstairs Fri 06-Oct-17 09:45:34

Hi Choccichops, I'm one month further off the pill having stopped in June and am in a similar boat. I just got my fourth period and it is definitely heavier (more like my previous ones) than the last three, which were weirdly light and short.

It's difficult not to worry about lots of things - I am also having a v short luteal phase, but it increased to 9 days from 7 this month for the first time so I think we may just need to give our bodies a bit more time to regulate again!

justmeonly Sat 07-Oct-17 06:11:43

I stopped the pill in Jan, and to start with my periods were fairly similar to how they had been before. But they have gradually become lighter and shorter over the 9/10 months, which is kind of the opposite. Am trying not to worry and just trust my body that it knows what it's doing...

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