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Unsure of when exactly I got pregnant and who the father is

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Lissaxoxo Fri 06-Oct-17 00:55:07

Okay so I recently found out I'm pregnant. I had a scan and the nurse said I was 6 weeks along, which confused me as I thought I was 4 weeks along.
I had unprotected sex with one person on the 20th of August, and got my period on August 27th.
I also had unprotected sex with someone else on the 7th September- this is who I assumed was the father. I am now confused about who the father is most likely to be. I assumed it was him as I'd had a period after I slept with the August guy. What do you guys think??

HirplesWithHaggis Fri 06-Oct-17 00:58:55

September guy, no doubt. Your "x weeks pregnant" is counted from your last period, not when you actually ovulate/have sex.

KoolKoala07 Fri 06-Oct-17 01:15:54

August guy would put you at 6 weeks. September guy would put you at 4. Period could have been implantation bleeding maybe?

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 06-Oct-17 01:23:29

I’d say September guy as well. Sorry but that does make them sound like they did a calendar shoot!

teady Fri 06-Oct-17 10:41:54

It's gotta be the guy from 7th September. It's technically 4 weeks since you conceived but it's counted from the first day of your last period which makes it actually 6 weeks.

Exactly the same dates as me OP - I conceived 7th sept and am now 6 weeks pregnant.

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