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Cervix confusion

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Springersprung Thu 05-Oct-17 23:25:22

For the past few cycles I have been tracking my cervix position in the hope it would give me an early clue to a successful bfp. It has not been the most reliable of signs, giving me false hope on more than one occasion, but this cycle it seems to have behaved very oddly!

I got a positive opk on cd14. By cd16, my cervix was low and very firm. It stayed this way until cd20/21 when it began to get higher and feel softer. By cd24, it was nearly out of reach and very soft. Stayed there until cd27, when it has become lower again and firmer, although not as firm as immediately after ovulation. Today (cd29) it has moved slightly higher again and become slightly softer.

Does anyone else have a cervix that moves up and down like a yoyo?!hmm Can anyone offer tales of a cervix successfully predicting a bfp, or am I chasing false hope?

Apologies if there has been tmi in this thread, but this is driving me mad, and there's not really anyone else I can ask!

Bubblegum89 Thu 05-Oct-17 23:39:05

Cervical position is not a reliable indicator of anything other than if you’re fertile. The rest of your cycle it moves up and down all day every day lol sometimes mine is super high on the day before af is due when technically is should be low. I wouldn’t worry too much about CP at all really smile

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