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Glomerulus Tue 03-Oct-17 09:16:29


Would anyone mind having a look at this? Not sure if I'm just staring at the indent on this strip but I've convinced myself that there's something there...


MeriReu Tue 03-Oct-17 09:51:02

Can't see a pink line but can see the indent. I'd say negative - sorry. X

curliegirlie Tue 03-Oct-17 12:23:10

What dpo are you? Internet cheapy early lines are so hard to call. With my first one with my daughter I found it so difficult to work out whether it had colour to it. It clearly must have done!

I think the fact that your camera has picked it up could be a good sign. Fingers crossed!

Glomerulus Tue 03-Oct-17 13:06:02

Thanks for the replies. I think I'm 11dpo (don't normally track that closely though) - it's a fairly crappy camera as well so I was surprised to see something show up. Think I might need to give it a few days...

curliegirlie Tue 03-Oct-17 15:24:43

My mega squinter was 11dpo, but it became much clearer a couple of days later.

AmyB1986 Tue 03-Oct-17 15:55:50

I can see a shadow of a line on your test. Mine looked exactly the same on an ic at 11dpo but was clear as day on a frer.

Glomerulus Tue 03-Oct-17 16:06:23

Hmm interesting. Was hoping not to cave into a frer this early but it's that or wait a couple more days I guess! Only have ICs in the house so will have to wait another day at least...!

Glomerulus Sat 07-Oct-17 14:49:13

Ok, I'm now officially late. Before I go and waste money on frers, can someone please have a look at these and give me a virtual slap? Thanks!

Justwaitingforaline Sat 07-Oct-17 15:08:03

Sorry Glomer, I can’t see anything 🙁

CaptainsCat Sat 07-Oct-17 15:11:18

I can see the indent line I think, it looks white rather than pink.

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