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Seven seas ttc pills

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Famara Mon 02-Oct-17 14:03:59

Has anyone ever taken seven seas trying for a baby pills? And how did the find them. We're trying to concierge baby #2

Famara Mon 02-Oct-17 14:07:01


teacuptale Mon 02-Oct-17 14:14:01

I used those pills and I found them to be absolutely fine. When I got pregnant, I switched to other pills... if I recall correctly, I think it was because the vitamin D was lower than the recommended amount.

PinkChocolatex Mon 02-Oct-17 18:14:14

I take pregnacare but only because the fertility clinic recommended it to me...not sure about seven seas but I'm guessing there's not much difference in price x

Marmite27 Mon 02-Oct-17 18:15:41

I had the seven seas conception, have since moved to the pregnancy ones.

Can't say they were any different to the sanatagen ones I took last time.

Famara Mon 02-Oct-17 18:23:01

Thanks for your replies ladies!! It really helps. I used to be on the pregnacare ones but they messed up my cycle angry. Has anyone find that the seven seas ones affected their cycle?

IfeelFloopy Mon 02-Oct-17 19:00:25

I took seven seas trying for a baby well in advance of ttc incase it affected my cycle as some of the reviewers had mentioned. I had no side effects whatsoever and conceived on about cycle 3. Got a strong bfp at 11dpo.

I have since moved onto seven seas pregnancy vitimins as read negative things about side effects on pregnacare. I'm now 10 weeks along and had a private scan. All is going well and I've had no nausea. Not sure if it makes any difference but seven seas contains ginger too which may or may not be a factor.

Famara Mon 02-Oct-17 20:01:55

Oh congratulations!!! No nausea? Yeah maybe that is the ginger. I'm hoping for a BFP this month halo xxx

WrittenandGrown Mon 02-Oct-17 23:37:52

I took them. Got a BFP first month trying but not sure if the tablets helped. Have got HG so not sure the ginger is helping. I liked the smaller tablets compared to other brands.

Handy83 Fri 06-Oct-17 00:45:33

I used the pregnacare and they messed up my cycle. I used to be 27/28 days religiously and the first month using these I was late to the point I thought I was pregnant only for af to arrive 6 days late. Not bothered with them since although I have either been early or slightly late since taking them

Marmite27 Sat 07-Oct-17 14:18:17

Sorry to burst the bubble but I’m on the seven seas pregnancy and have horrible all day sickness - maybe you’re just lucky hmmgrin

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