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Line colour indicate weeks?

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EastDulwichWife Sat 23-Sep-17 17:03:34

After having a few hot flushes this morning I thought I might be ovulating so took an OPK that gave a strong positive. Thought it was odd as I wouldn't have expected to have ovulated so late in the month.

To be sure, I took a Superdrug early detection that gave a BFP straight away. I then went out to buy some FRERs in case it was a bad test, but all have come back with a strong line.

Does anyone know if the darkness indicates weeks? I've no idea when I ovulated so no clue on how far I am?!

Thanks v much. X

EastDulwichWife Sat 23-Sep-17 17:05:47

Am absolutely over the moon btw - just thoroughly shocked and it hasn't sunk in!! smile

demirose87 Sat 23-Sep-17 17:14:54

Generally, the lines are darker the higher your HCG, so if all is well with the pregnancy then you would expect to see darker lines if your past your missed period. It can depend on the test though as the more sensitive ones can give darker lines from earlier on x

demirose87 Sat 23-Sep-17 17:17:39

And congrats by the way x

EastDulwichWife Sat 23-Sep-17 17:40:51

Thanks Demi! Absolutely thrilled, though I realise it's early days.

I haven't had a period since coming off contraception, hence the dating question! smile

4thtime Sat 23-Sep-17 18:04:31

I was about 6 weeks when I got lines like that! Congrats x

flutterby12 Sat 23-Sep-17 19:48:38

I was 8 weeks when I got my BFP. I remember leaving the test on the windowsill as I thought 'been through this before, late for period then come straight on after test' so when I saw the big line appear I started swearing (in a happy way 😊). Congrats 😁

Aph413 Sat 23-Sep-17 23:52:54

Congratulations east !

EastDulwichWife Sat 23-Sep-17 23:53:33

Thanks both! Absolutely thrilled grin

EastDulwichWife Sat 23-Sep-17 23:54:05

Thanks Aph! Was thinking about you today. What a shocker?!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 23-Sep-17 23:56:54

I don't think darkness indicates weeks as I had an instant really dark line very early on, iirc only a couple of days past my period due date. Congratulationssmile

WhyTheHeckMe Sun 24-Sep-17 12:47:45

Hi OP. I don't think it will over you a massive indication as this was my test when I was just 3w 4d! Do a digital week one smile and congratulations x

CL1982 Sun 24-Sep-17 17:00:09

This was my FRER at 19dpo if it helps? I think I was 3+ on a digi by then.... I got my faint positive at 9dpo.

CL1982 Sun 24-Sep-17 17:02:40

Bugger here you go

Polly99 Sun 24-Sep-17 17:05:19

Not really, these tests are not very sophisticated. Darkness can indicate more HCG, but it can also indicate a strip printed with more indicator.

EastDulwichWife Mon 25-Sep-17 16:03:19

Thanks everyone. So exciting! Feeling incredibly nervous as it's early days. Called the GP this morning and have self referred to the hospital. Hopefully not too long till I can go for a check up!

Aph413 Tue 03-Oct-17 15:45:48

Hi East hope things are going well for you. Thought I'd pop over and show you this

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