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Does anyone else feel crap on ovulation day??

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VJONES1985 Fri 22-Sep-17 13:49:11

I ovulate yesterday or possibly today and have had cramps for two days, and today I feel sick as well. How ridiculous that we have to go through this when we ovulate AND when we have a period 😂 Anyone else have 'powerful' ovulation?? I never used to get any symptoms really but for the last year or so, I've really noticed it.

Bazzinga Fri 22-Sep-17 13:51:42

I do. Almost as bad as periods! Swollen and tender, lower back ache. Only started after having children. It's totally shit. I also spot between period and ovulation.

andadietcoke Fri 22-Sep-17 13:53:44

Oh me too. Also, post the DTs being born. I feel sick, exhausted and bloated. It’s a joy.

KarateKitten Fri 22-Sep-17 13:55:12

Oh I notice ovulation day but I feel great. Motivated and very horny. Lol. Keep bloody getting pregnant though😂 So am going to have to learn to ignore ovulation day....

EsmeGNU Fri 22-Sep-17 14:03:44

I notice it. I get a really unpleasant heaviness in my lower abdomen and back ache. It sucks. Hot water bottle sometimes helps.

VJONES1985 Fri 22-Sep-17 14:12:20

Yes, mine seems to be since I had my son as well!

Pumpkinbee Fri 22-Sep-17 21:33:19

Me oh me. I'm ovulating today and I feel like shit. So tired and bloated and ovulation pain has me in bed early. This month my egg is a leftie. Woo.

Summer1986 Sat 23-Sep-17 07:41:25

Me! Most months but not every month I get pain and feel a bit sick and headachey. Makes DTD feel like a bit of a task

MammieBear Sat 23-Sep-17 12:36:19

Yes more so since having my Baby's it's Bizarre... period's are awful too.

Mummyloves09 Sun 24-Sep-17 06:02:18

Yes I have the worst ovulation, extreme cramping I actually have to stay in bed and since last year vomiting (sorry tmi).

Sharl2017 Mon 25-Sep-17 08:06:06

Thank God it isn't just me haha I lose my appetite on OD and generally feel crappy which is really annoying because it's the time we need to feel on top of our game most.

VJONES1985 Mon 25-Sep-17 18:33:33

Wow, vomiting? Nasty :-(

I agree about the loss of appetite thing as well - I don't feel like eating for three or four days

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