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How sensitive/reliable internet cheapies pregnancy tests

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Hulaballoo Fri 22-Sep-17 00:05:36

Are they as good as frer ...Do they work before af or after?

ibentmywookie Fri 22-Sep-17 06:51:54

Well I got a faint line on one at 9dpo, so they can work before your period is due. Everyone's different though.

lampert Fri 22-Sep-17 06:56:21

Mine showed something at 11dpo - enough to make me rush out and buy a frer to confirm (which was completely clear)

RedPanda25 Fri 22-Sep-17 06:56:33

I didn't find them as good as FRER at all. The internet cheapies took two days longer to show a bfp than the frer did.

Hulaballoo Fri 22-Sep-17 15:17:36

Ooh so a bit hit and miss then confused

NC1990 Fri 22-Sep-17 21:07:18

I found them really good, I got a strong dark line when I was a day late. I didn't test before AF was due though so can't comment on how early they show up.

user1499786242 Sat 23-Sep-17 08:15:15

I find them good! Showed a positive 11 dpo

Hulaballoo Sat 23-Sep-17 09:27:25

Do you think they'd show before a normal store bought one then? So there's no point in me buying any other store bought one until those show a positive?

CL1982 Sun 24-Sep-17 16:50:19

FRER are the best. Worth the cost and you take them very early (10DPO).

user1470147116 Thu 28-Sep-17 09:23:15

I got a positive on internet cheapie the day before period was due.

MaryShelley1818 Thu 28-Sep-17 19:35:29

I got my BFP on Internet cheapies!
Just as good as the others now 29wks pregnant.

MaryShelley1818 Thu 28-Sep-17 19:36:00

5 days before AF was due too!

Mumof3cheeky Fri 29-Sep-17 16:12:40

As that's all I had them at home. They worked from 10dpo but I found them very frustrating as lines just aren't getting any stronger even after 3 days. Just bought a clear blue and it was a very strong clear one so I won't be using them again

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