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Exercise and the Two Week Wait

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HolyShmoly Tue 19-Sep-17 22:04:38

I've just joined the gym with the aim of if I can't be pregnant by Christmas, at least I'll have a banging body!
Ovulation day is almost upon me and now I'm not sure which exercise I can do safely. I'm guessing my pilates class will be fine, but that I should probably miss abs blast. How about the body pump or queenax? Are these too intense? (I haven't actually tried the queenax yet so it might be non-starter anyway!)
Am I best to start off with just some treadmill and cross-training?

Fucking ttc, turns simple things into big convoluted decisions.

TiramisuQueenoftheFaeries Wed 20-Sep-17 07:50:28

All exercise is fine and even once pregnant you can keep doing whatever exercise you were already doing.

Exercise won't affect ovulation and conceiving unless you work out so hard and calorie-restrict until you lose your period, which is unlikely. The healthier you are the better

HolyShmoly Wed 20-Sep-17 07:58:47

Thanks tiramisu. No chance of me doing that so I think I'll be fine! I was mostly worried as I don't do a lot of exercise to start with, but then it's not like I'm doing the ironman challenge...

TiramisuQueenoftheFaeries Wed 20-Sep-17 09:36:45

I mean, in general if you aren't working out right now you should probably not dive into twice a day CrossFit, just because you might injure yourself and probably won't enjoy it! But abs, body pump, all fine - assuming you're an otherwise healthy person. Crack on.

Blackcatonthesofa Wed 20-Sep-17 09:39:53

Normal exercise is recommended to keep healthy. Don't statrt running a marathon if you didnt before. Exercise classes are fine.

It is a myth that pregnant women should do nothing for nine months.

Sunshinesaz86 Wed 20-Sep-17 10:14:45

The month I started exercising is the month I got my BFP!

Good luck x

HolyShmoly Wed 20-Sep-17 19:25:31

Thanks all! Fingers crossed that all this getting my blood pumping will do the trick. Otherwise I'll be looking amazing and I definitely won't need to remind DH that we need to dtd today as he won't be able to keep his hands off me! Win/win either way! grin

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