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Ttc #2? (October bfp)

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Impatientmummy36 Sun 17-Sep-17 08:17:50

Here we are again! Some of us been here a while & finding it hard ttc our second, but we've been supporting each other and chatting since June, so let's carry on!

Can I make suggestion? To recap now, & to help us all keep up as thread gets long and new people join, how about we all put quick recap at end of each new message (or once a day if posting lots back and fwd as we do sometimes?!) (bit like email signature!) with the vital stats and anything else you want to add (like if IVF for example) so mine is:

DS age 3
Ttc#2 since Jan/Feb (early mc in Aug)
Af/bfp due Oct 12th

Might be a bit of a pain typing it each time but would help everyone know where we're coming from? Good luck all for another cycle, we can do it!


Beansprout30 Sun 17-Sep-17 08:28:55

Thanks for new thread @impatient good idea for stats posting!

Ttc #2 - 2nd cycle
dd - 14 months
Af/bfp due 12th oct

HappyHedgehog247 Sun 17-Sep-17 08:31:49

Thanks @impatient. I just joined in Sep and found the group so helpful.

DD age 4
Cycle 2/trying since Aug
AF due Oct 28

HappyHedgehog247 Sun 17-Sep-17 08:32:51

AF due Oct 14 that should have said. Can't read my app this early In the morning!

Impatientmummy36 Sun 17-Sep-17 08:38:09

Morning all smile all due around same time then! x

KashyKash Sun 17-Sep-17 08:41:40

Thanks @impatient, good idea about the stats posting as I was losing track as the group got bigger! @Impatient, @hedgehog and @beansprout we are all due at a similar time ☺️

Ds aged 3
Trying since July '16/cycle 13
Af/bfp due Oct 13th.

Stee1 Sun 17-Sep-17 08:54:04

Ds 8
Trying since April (ectopic in june) so first cycle trying again
AF/BFP due October 3rd x

Cariad2017 Sun 17-Sep-17 10:10:27

Good idea on the stats front Impatient. Mine are as follows:

DS aged 21 months
TTC#2 since December '16 (Cycle 12)
AF/ BFP due 9 October [?]

This is my first month taking Agnus Castus as lots of those in my December '15 AN group seem to swear by it (the pack I was given has apparently led to three conceptions) so we'll see... I'm really hoping that if it doesn't work, it doesn't end up messing up my normally regular cycles...

Stee - Sorry to hear about your ectopic. Did you end up having your tube removed? If it helps, I managed to conceive DS within 6 months of my ruptured ectopic despite having had a tube removed. Happy to share my experience on ttc post-ectopic if you ever want to chat.

Mummyloves09 Sun 17-Sep-17 10:31:45

Good morning ladies,

DD 7yrs
TTC #2
Cycle 1
AF due 29th September
Wishing everyone luck smile

Beansprout30 Sun 17-Sep-17 10:47:02

Hello ladies, I don't know which part is the worst, waiting for for af to bugger off or the tww! It seems so far away till the next shot at it. The only good way I look at it, is another month to save some extra pennies for when maternity leave eventually happens

LopeyLopez Sun 17-Sep-17 10:58:34

Morning all - here again! Af showed up and am miserable but nothing else to do but carry on....

DS 2
Ttc #2 since March (cycle 8)
But not used any contraception since birth of DS 2 years ago!!

LopeyLopez Sun 17-Sep-17 10:59:34

Oops, forgot to put, next af/bfp due: 16th Oct.

Cariad2017 Sun 17-Sep-17 11:15:29

Sorry to hear AF has arrived Lopey. The timing (to coincide with DS's Birthday) must make it especially hard this month. I am dreading getting to DS's Birthday (in late November) without a BFP for precisely this reason. It will also mark a year of ttc for us.

I shall be keeping everything crossed that October is your month and that you get that BFP very very soon. Xxx

PJsAndProsecco Sun 17-Sep-17 11:24:16

Hi ladies! I'm actually really pleased AF arrived as I stopped the pill in August and had no idea what my body was doing! Got AF yesterday and never been so pleased!

I'm 28
DD age 2 and a half
Cycle #2
I THINK af/BFP due around 13th October if I go back to 28 day cycles now
If I have another 36 day cycle af/BFP due 21st October

Last cycle I had very obvious EWCM so hoping I'll be able to pinpoint ovulation, and then I'll know what my cycle length will be. But basically as soon as af is done we are getting down to business 😂

LopeyLopez Sun 17-Sep-17 13:39:55

Yes, Cariad, it's horrible. Done my share of crying this morning. Glad I've got this group for support. Cramps are very painful as both emotional and physical pain at once. I know, I never intended to get to DS's second birthday without bfp....that was the idea of not trying/not preventing ever since he was born, and then actively trying since March. I am really getting very fed up of this....

Beansprout30 Sun 17-Sep-17 13:43:52

big hugs @lopey x

Cariad2017 Sun 17-Sep-17 13:53:22

Sending enormous hugs your way Lopey. I never expected to struggle half as much as we have this time round. It's very very tough, particularly when practically everyone I know IRL managed to get upduffed within the first couple of months of trying... We WILL get there though. Xxx

RhiBee29 Sun 17-Sep-17 14:29:34

Hi All

Can I join you please?

Age 33
DS nearly 3
TTC since feb (MC June)
Af/BFP due Oct 2nd

Ovulation due today/tomorrow according to Ovia but think it was yesterday which is annoying as DH was too drunk to DTD last night! I've never had a positive opk despite 2 pregnancies so not using them and relying on ewcm & ovulation pains.

Good luck to everyone x

MynameisJune Sun 17-Sep-17 14:29:48

Hi all, thanks for the new thread impatient. Although I hoped none of us would still be here by this point it is lovely to have the support of others who understand the pain of long term TTC.

DD 21 months
TTC#2 since April although short cycles make this cycle 8
Af/bfp Oct 4th (the day before my birthday)

I've been taking agnus castus for 3 months now, it has regulated my cycles so they are back to 28 days. Which is good for TTC I guess but does mean the wait between fertile weeks seems huge now!

PinkBeetroot Sun 17-Sep-17 15:29:03

TTC #2
Cycle 3
BFP due 15th Oct
Room for a small one? Have come over from September bus... AF arrived this morning and feeling a bit demoralised as it's taken ages for me to get my period back at all due to BF, and I'm struggling with a short LP. This month I made it to 8 days, my longest yet. Fingers crossed for October.

MynameisJune Sun 17-Sep-17 15:46:44

@pinkbeetroot have you tried agnus castus? Not sure if it's okay to take when bf'ing but it has massively helped regulate my cycles again after having DD.

KashyKash Sun 17-Sep-17 16:57:04

Sorry af arrived Lopey, it's so rubbish. Big hugs and here's to October being a successful month for everyone x

Famara Sun 17-Sep-17 17:40:41

Hey ladies!
DD 2
Been ttcing for 3 months but haven't used contraception in 11 months. I really want a second baby!!sad
AF due on 23rd September.

bunnieboo91 Sun 17-Sep-17 18:43:34

Hey future preggos to be!

One baby in heaven
Cycle 2 (trying again since August)
AF due 6th October

I'm very new to Mumsnet and trying to catch up with all the mums net lingo but hopefully this is my month! About to enter fertile window so DH better prepare himself for a week of DTD. BABY DUST PLEASE!

Impatientmummy36 Sun 17-Sep-17 19:28:32

Sorry lopey, I spent my LOs 3rd birthday at Thomas land trying not to cry as af had arrived that morn, and I'd been so convinced I was pregnant that month! It had felt really important to be pregnant by that milestone as well x

Hello new people, good luck for this month x

Bunnie so sorry for your loss sad lots of lovely people here if you need to chat about it. Good luck ttc again x

Well just waiting for FW to start in a few days but, given we are barely speaking following a row (what a D**khead!), it's not looking good! I'll have to humble myself to make the peace otherwise I'll be out this month before we've even begun....

DS age 3
Ttc#2 since Jan/Feb (early mc in Aug)
Af/bfp due Oct 12th

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